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Flash Games That Are Free Online

The invention of Java and Flash technology as well as the increasing availability and subscription to broadband instead of dial up has had a massive impact on online gaming.
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Flash and its associated technologies have allowed online gaming to take a huge leap from games that were once simple, and rather slow to load with limited graphics, to games that are complex, fun, interactive, and are able to incorporate the technology used for audio and video streaming into their games, which has opened up a whole word of gaming opportunities.
The range of genres within the flash games category are vast. But the simple free best ones seem to be:
Bejeweled I found to be far too addictive and fun, its all about trying to get the same colored jewels in a row with each move on the board. Its a 'gem of a game'. If this one tickles your fancy, you should try the online version of the rubix cube or 3D logic cube (as it is named online) might also float your boat.
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If you enjoy popping Balloons at a party then check out Bloons game. You've got to make them go pop (very satisfying), but it gets harder to pop them with your dart on each level.
One game that has taken the world by storm is Desktop Tower Defence. Its all about a war, that is played out on the desktop of your PC! While I was on the hunt for action I came across Matrix Rampage, where the moves are just like the ones in the films and the bonus is that the game play is easy to follow (unlike some of the films). Talking of games based on a film the hottest, mainly for its novelty factor, seems to be Snakes On A Plane. Lets be honest Its not often you find a game where you have to shoot snakes.
Two more that are brilliant for when you are bored are Flash Hero, one for musical maestros. Its not too dissimilar from the popular Guitar Hero game, so when you are in the office miles away from your PlayStation this would should satisfy your urge to strum them strings. Another alleviation of office boredom, that I liked about the aptly named Bin Ball Wizard. The setting of the game is the office, and you have to aim you paper into the bin, and to get it in the net you have to shoot in the right direction and give the correct power to your shot. A typical day at the office!

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