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Check Pros and Cons of the Streaming Players before Buying One

Check Pros and Cons of the Streaming Players before Buying One

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Nowadays, streaming movies and TV shows from the internet is becoming more popular among people of all age groups. The rising costs of cable and satellite TV have inspired many viewers to seek out alternative ways to watch more affordable TV.  As the marketplace is adorned with multifarious media players, and choosing which one is better is become a difficult task. Fear not, in this article I will highlight the pros and cons of some of the best online content streamers, which will ultimately help to reduce your cable television bill or permanently cutting the cord. Lets start:

Google Chrome Cast

This tiny and portable device can help you to share pictures, movies, shows, and videos efficiently from your mobile device to the television set. In order to access all the following things, you just need to connect your TV set to the HDMI Port.

Pros of Google Chrome Cast

Easy to install
One HDMI port to make a reliable connection between Chrome cast and TV.
Chrome cast can mirror your Chrome browser from any computer.
Extremely portable device.
The Chrome cast can work for both Ios and Android devices.
Amazing Price!

Cons of Google Chrome Cast

Google Chrome cast support very few channels in comparative to Roku or Apple TV.
You will not get any remote with Chrome cast.
Chrome cat will only use HDMI port to make a connection.

Apple TV

Apple TV an ultimate device which has the capability to convert an ordinary TV into a smart one. It referred as a perfect partner for a dumb TV. The 4th generation Apple TV consist a number of things in it which makes it a powerful device, including an A8 processor, Siri-enabled remote, and an App store for third-party apps and games.

Pros of Apple TV:

This player enables Dolby Digital plus 7.1 Sound System.
Apple TV supports HDR and 4K video.
More RAM and Faster Processor in comparison to other Apple TV model.
Siri can save time.

Cons of Apple TV:

There is no support for Dolby Atoms audio.
Processor, RAM, and Storage need to be upgraded.
Siri functionality needs work.
Glass surface remote can break easily.
Very Expensive.


Roku TVs or Roku Players allows you to access the wide range of TV channels (Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Hulu, etc.) and other TV channel apps on your TV.  Roku Ultra an immersive feature-rich player comes with a new voice remote that make streaming quite simple and effective.

Pros of Roku:

Roku streaming media player is supporting both kind of connection- wired or wireless.
User-friendly; even the neophyte can set it up, stream channels, and add channels with an ease.
Roku can efficiently support all the new channels and features as it can update its software on a times basis.
Roku is coming with a voice remote control, through which you can access your favorite channel with your voice.
You can contact Roku tech support team 24*7 from anywhere.

Cons of Roku:

Roku needs your credit card details on initial activation process. Then only you can choose channels to activate.
Roku does not support YouTube, and wont in the foreseeable future, either.
Apart from Angry Birds Space, the game selection is not very strong.


NVIDIAs SHIELD works great for both the streaming box and gaming console. In addition to enjoying your favorite movies, videos, and shows on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon, you can download 4K high-quality games from the GeForce Now Program.


Remote is bundled in the box.
Decent game streaming performance.
New controlled actually feels good.


Not so good for heavy-duty Android games.
Bit expensive than other gaming consoles.
Nothing new in hardware parts.

Read all the above-mentioned pros and cons carefully about the streaming media players and then take your decision wisely. Whatever the device you are planning to purchase, always check whether it fulfills your requirement. I hope all the following details will help you out to choose your desired player. Thank You.
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