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Different Version of Gaming Consoles

The Nintendo console game () is the least expensive and includes both Bluetooth for wireless controllers and a DVD drive, but will not be able to play DVD movies. It also lacks a hard drive. Instead, the Wii focuses on physically involving console games using the wireless Wii Remote paired with the accessory Nunchuk controller. The Wii will also wirelessly connect to Nintendo portable games system, using its microphone and touch screen as inputs for Nintendo's console games.
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The console wars continue to rage on. Since the PlayStation portable arrived on the market to challenge the Xbox 360 consoles.
Sony's PlayStation 3 console games is the most expensive because PlayStation 3 console games includes a standard hard drive, a high definition Blu-ray optical drive, HD video output, Bluetooth wireless controllers, and-in the premium version-WiFi wireless networking.

Cheap PlayStation 2 games is part of the sixth generation of video game consoles, and is backwards-compatible with most original PlayStation games. It has also been released as a media center configuration and also having, like its predecessor, a slimmer redesign. It is the most successful games consoles in the world. Cheap PlayStation 2 games became the fastest console game .

Microsoft's xbox 360 console, uses a standard DVD optical drive, and only includes a hard drive and wireless game controller in its premium version. Rather than positioning the xbox 360 consoles as a standalone PC alternative, Microsoft pairs it with its plans for Windows Media Center, allowing the xbox 360 console to be used as a media extender to stream music and movies from a central Media
Center PC.
Sony PlayStation psp and Microsoft are gunning for pure performance systems, while Nintendo console games is shooting at fun, playable games consoles () that rely more on its unique controllers than impressive graphics hardware.
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