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Soul Calibur V - Useful Facts And Information

Soul Calibur V will be a fighting game with a focus on weapon combat, and is the newest game within the popular Soul Calibur series. Soul Calibur V raises the standard for console fighting games, and includes magnificent graphics, thrilling 3D fighting mechanics, an enhanced character creation system, and a huge lineup of 30 in-game characters, which incorporates a combination of new fighters as well as returning warriors.
The story of Soul Calibur V is dated seventeen years following the events of the previous Soul Calibur game, and is the story of of Patroklos, who is the offsping of Soul Calibur hero Sophitia, while he continues his quest to find the renowned Soul Swords. This struggle good over evil takes place within medievil Europe, plus Soul Calibur V will feature some stunning backdrops and there are more than twenty stages in this game, which includes citycsape arenas, a Colisseum stage, a stage where you fight on a sinking ship, as well as a wasteland and forest stages.
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Assassins Creed's Ezio Auditore is a Playable Character - Players can play as Assassin's Creed's Ezio Auditore in Soul Calibur V. Players may utilise Ezio Auditore's selection of killing weaponry that include Ezio's legendary hidden blade, a crossbow, a hidden gun, a Roman long-sword, and a stiletto blade
Improved Game-Play Mechanics - Soul Calibur V incorporates a innovative Critical Gauge combat-meter, which refills over time. This meter allows gamers to carry out Critical Edge attacks (which uses 50% of the guage), Brave Edge attacks (uses quarter of the meter), as well as Guard Impact defensive movements (uses an eighth of the meter). The franchises' impressive 8-way run feature remains within the game, which allows for realistic 3D motion within fights, but an innovative Quick Step feature is introduced, that enables players to briskly sidestep their opponents strikes.
Character Development System - The game includes a much better character creation system, gamers can easily create and customise their character's overall look as well as fighting style. You can also modify your character's expressions, clothes worn, voice, along with the coloring of your character's weapons and even the effects your weapons make.
Huge Fighter Roster - There are actually thirty available fighters in this game, with each character having their own unique weaponry, combat techniques as well as visual pazazz. The character lineup comprises of a mix of returning as well as brand-new fighters. Revisiting characters include Siegfried Schtauffen, Nightmare and Heishiro Mitsurugi.
Multi-Player and Single-Player Gaming Options - There are an array of single player gaming modes, including Arcade, VS Battle, Legendary Souls, and Quick Battle. Extensive on and off-line multiplayer gaming modes allow you to compete against your mates and also fight gamers globally.
Soul Calibur V is due for release around February 3rd, and is going to be available for these platforms: PS3 and Xbox 360 Consoles. This title will be published by Namco Bandai Games, and Project Soul are the developers for this video game. Multi-player options will be available in this video game. PEGI 16 will be the issued PEGI ranking for the video game, this means it will be appropriate for ages 16 and upwards.
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