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Addicted to alcohol

Addicted to alcohol
After learning jambret, two students were arrested by police. The theft and violence itself was carried out by two suspects, because they needed money to party liquor (alcohol) and addicted to online games.

Two suspects who still smell kencur are, AR (18) and Il (15), junior high school students in one of the private schools in Surabaya. Both residents are Jalan Putat Jaya Barat, Surabaya, East Java. AR, only a high school graduate, while Il, still in junior high school.

According to Surabaya Police Chief of Criminal Investigation, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Sumaryono, the actions of the two suspects took place on Jalan Bintoro on Sunday (15/2). At that time, the two suspects rode on a Honda Black Beat L 6979 JR.

"When passing on Jalan Bintoro, the two suspects saw the victim named Rizka, a student from Jalan Tembok Dukuh, sitting on a sidewalk carrying a cellphone," Sumaryono was accompanied by the Head of Public Relations Kompol Widjanarko at Mapolrestabes Surabaya on Monday (16/2).

Then, he continued, there was an intention from the suspect to seize the victim's cellphone. Moreover the situation at the scene of the crime in a deserted or quiet condition.

"The two suspects turned back to approach the victim who was alone holding the cellphone. Then the suspect went down from the motorbike and demanded the victim's cellphone, the executor was still a junior high school student," Sumaryono said.

After successfully seizing the victim's property, the two suspects drove their vehicle towards Jalan Pakis. While members of the Surabaya Police Resmob Unit, who received reports related to the incident, immediately pursued the chase.

In the presence of officers, the suspect Il admitted that he was forced to take a mug because he needed money. So, when he saw the victim, suddenly the intention was to seize the property of the victim.

"I have never been given pocket money with my parents. Nodies made for snacks, go to the cafe to play online games and buy cukrik (liquor)," he admitted innocently.The same recognition was also told by AR. This young man claimed to be addicted to online gaming. All playing, he can spend IDR 30 to 50 thousand rupiah. "Because addicted to online games. When I don't have money, there is an intention to nod," I AR.

Furthermore, the two suspects were charged under Article 365 of the Criminal Code, regarding theft and violence. Because the suspect is still a child, especially suspect III, he will be held in special detention for children-a [hhw]
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