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Addicted to online games, 10 children in Banyumas experience mental disorders

Addicted to online games, 10 children in Banyumas experience mental disorders
Ten children in Banyumas were diagnosed with mental disorders due to addiction to playing games online throughout 2018. They received therapy at Banyumas Hospital. 7 out of 10 children are elementary school and junior high school students.

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Soul Specialist Doctor Banyumas Hospital, Hilma Paramita said the average patient could not control himself playing online games. As a result, they are no longer able to move normally.

Even online gaming addiction triggers destructive actions that can harm others. For example, when money runs out to rent a computer, they steal. According to Hilma, the tendency of online games that have an effect on mental bankruptcy is a game that promotes adrenaline.

"The criteria for online game addiction mental disorders are due to too much interaction with the virtual world. Usually it has properties that trigger someone's obsessiveness," Hilma said, Wednesday (10/10) night.

Other mental disorders, the desire to play or interact with peers is lost. They then prefer to stay in a room or go to a computer rental to play online games.

"There are children who don't want to go to school anymore. The younger, the more susceptible to mental disorders," he explained.

Hilma explained, therapy for mental disorders due to online games at Banyumas Hospital was carried out in two ways. First, given a sedative so the patient is not aggressive. Second, patients are invited to interact with the community in real terms. If you are still a child, the patient is invited to try out various children's games.

The findings of cases of mental disorders due to online games in children do not necessarily because families are not harmonious. It could be that the child is from a family that is happy together. A case that surfaced, parents neglecting to let children play online games."When you are addicted to online games, parents cannot handle it. There are cases that are set from broken home families. He was treated by his grandfather. His treatment was done, he was invited to play kites by his grandfather and peers in the neighborhood," Hilma explained.

The advancement of information technology does have a negative impact on making social interaction limited. As a result, said Hilma, emotional involvement is very minimal in relations through social media. This is different from direct interaction, for example by visiting each other.

"There is an expression of joy, laughter, sadness, which cannot be expressed in social media," he said.

According to him, mental disorders can also arise from social media. Behavior such as sobbing or berating on social media will affect interactions in the real world. [ray]
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