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Be Careful of Mental Disorders because of Addiction to Online Games!

Be Careful of Mental Disorders because of Addiction to Online Games!
Lunch time is usually a free time for me and my office colleagues to talk about things other than work. Just like a group of women who were gathering while drinking coffee, the topic of our chat changed from fashion, pets, walking, until finally our conversation focused on ML. Eh?

ML, what I mean here is not "that", but an abbreviation of an online game, aka Mobile Legend. Ever heard? Or don't you like playing too?

Basically I'm not a person who likes to play games, especially online games. Likewise with my friends. Then what are we talking about if we don't like it? None other than a complaint about family members who are addicted to playing ML! And because there happened to be no member of my family who liked to play ML or other online games, finally I could only listen to the complaints of my three office colleagues.

Two of my colleagues, her husband was crazy about playing ML. While my other partner, recently his daughter began to be addicted to playing ML. Those who are addicted, start to ignore the need to take care of themselves such as taking a bath and eating or doing homework that is their job.

Often my three colleagues have to be angry because their family members don't seem to hear a reprimand at all and instead continue to play. The reason? Can't be pause! Apparently, this game cannot be pause because it is played together with other people even though it is in place and using a different gadget.

These players are joined in a camp consisting of several people and will play against other camps. Even they have a specific schedule to start the game and before starting, they hold a kind of briefing to discuss game strategy. And that is usually done through online chat.

So it can be imagined right? When they do everything with a device, their real world seems to be forgotten. They are immersed in their own preoccupations so that they are often said to be autistic by others who see them.

Basically, playing the game aims to refresh the brain for a moment from the fatigue of routines such as work or study. The types of games also vary, ranging from the light because it is intended for fun, to games that have to be 'thinking' or sharpening the brain when playing it. But it cannot be denied, the game can actually make someone become addicted if they are not wise and control themselves when playing it.

What happens when someone becomes a game addict? A lot of bad effects are targeting them.Health

When people often play games for hours, the body parts and organs that are most affected are the brain, eyes, neck, back, ears to the lungs. Exposure to device radiation and electronic devices that are too long will endanger the brain and eyes. Brain function decreases so that it interferes with the ability to concentrate while studying or working.

In addition, the risk of eye damage such as nearsightedness and nearness and cylinder is also very high. The neck and back are also prone to adverse effects due to hours of sitting together. The neck becomes stiff and the back becomes sore.

Hearing loss is also a risk that needs to be watched when someone uses the headset too long while playing games, especially with high volume. The last is the lungs. Although rare, but the lungs are also at risk of being badly affected. For example, too long playing in an internet cafe filled with cigarette smoke.


Someone who is addicted to playing games tends to experience behavioral changes. Breaking the internet connection, losing the game, turning off the lights are three things that will make a game addict shout with inappropriate curses infiltrated by swearing and other insults.

Not to mention the interruptions of some kind of reprimand from people around that remind us to take a bath, eat, sleep and others that make the concentration while playing games disturbed, will make gamers upset. Such things will make game addicts become irritable, anxious, frustrated and difficult to manage. Even some are aggressive, insomnia, so they can manipulate the situation to fulfill their desires.

Social life

This is usually a long-term impact. The digital world, be it social media or online games or video games, will usually keep the close ones closer and closer. Someone becomes lazy to associate with real people because they withdraw and sink into cyberspace. As a result their ability to socialize and socialize also decreases, so many feel lonely because they don't have friends. Loneliness will trigger a person to become easily depressed until the worst possibility is the appearance of suicidal thoughts. Really scared?Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that game addiction (offline and online) will be classified as Mental, Behavioral or Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Mental Disorders). This disorder is referred to as Gaming Disorder, which is characterized by repetitive behavior patterns in playing games.

The diagnosis is fulfilled when the behavior cannot be controlled for a certain period of time to cause significant disturbances in personal, family, social, educational, work life. The danger caused by this behavior is called Hazardous Gaming, as part of the Problems related to Behavioral Health. Determination of game addiction as part of a mental disorder indicates that this habit really has caused serious problems that can interfere with one's health.
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