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Be careful online games are being hacked by hackers

Be careful online games are being hacked by hackers
Currently, users of global online games - such as Steam's popular online platform, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live - are estimated to be between 2.2 and 2.6 billion and will continue to grow. This fact makes the online game industry a very profitable target for cyber criminals to disrupt the operation of online games and gain access to user data such as information about passwords and bank cards, which is clearly demonstrated by the attacks that have recently occurred on the platform. Xbox and Playstation.

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With more and more people currently playing games online, cyber criminals have a large number of potential targets to choose from. Moreover, online gaming has become a major part of the lives of many people, with users immediately turning to games when they feel bored or lonely and the need arises to socialize with friends.

Therefore, attacks on successful online games can have an impact on its users. In addition to their data being stolen, victims whose online game accounts are hacked are also emotionally affected, losing access to their favorite games (either temporarily or permanently), the time they spend building profiles and even the large amounts of money they spend in online games .

Of users who experienced an experimental attack or success in one of their online accounts, 16 percent admitted that their online game account was a target, this number increased to 21 percent for men. And, as many as 55 percent of users cannot immediately restore the details of their game account if lost, so side effects such as the feelings of misery caused by such attacks have increased significantly.

It is very clear that these accounts are very important for the owner. Instead of being an activity that is intended at home, online gaming is now the main thing in everyday life for most people, as illustrated by the fact that nearly one in three people (27 percent) regularly use smartphones to play online games .

Although this makes the device insecure, nearly a quarter (23 percent) of people use public Wi-Fi to enter online gaming accounts and 56 percent say they do not take additional security measures when using public networks, which presents security risks. This danger is increasing by the fact that only 5 percent of users choose their online game account as one of three online accounts that require the strongest password.

Especially with the increasing number of online profiles connected to each other, victims can easily lose access to several other accounts - such as email accounts and social media which are also very important for them - through various ways. Although attacks can interfere with the emotional side of amateur users, unfortunately not with professional gamers who are more seriously affected, even potentially losing valuable income.

"At present, personal data that is available online is the biggest treasure for cyber criminals, and gives them more opportunities than before to steal these personal data, which they can then sell on the digital black market," Andrei Mochola said. , Head of Consumer Business of Kaspersky Lab."Online gamers - both amateurs and professionals - can be understood if they are worried if their account is hacked, or cannot access their account if they forget their password. This is a dilemma that users face every day, with many people choosing less secure options using passwords. the same for all their accounts, or simple passwords that are easily guessed by hackers, but just by taking appropriate precautions and using strong and unique passwords, users will feel confident that their valuable account is protected and all their efforts are not in vain in vain, "he added. [ega]
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