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Contra Return will be released by Garena Indonesia with Konami and Tencent Timi Studios

Contra Return will
Garena Indonesia again released its newest exciting mobile game in September 2018! This action game that can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS will be released by Garena Indonesia with the game name Contra: Return.

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Produced by KONAMI in 1987, Contra: Return exploded on the market with its innovative game. Even now, players still reminisce about the memories of past games against aliens to save the earth. To restore this excitement to all players, Garena together by Tencent Timi Studio and Konami Digital Entertainment will soon release Contra: Return with more modern features and appearance.

At the beginning of the release later, besides the main Contra: Return characters like Bill Rizer, Lance and Alice, the other ten free characters will be specially presented to strengthen the protection of the world from the threat of the alien terrorist organization 'Red Falcon'.

Contra: Return 2018
To further add to the excitement of your game with friends, this game creates several new game modes such as story solos, multiplayer PVP and duo. Games that require fast reflexes and steel patience to defeat these enemies will test the players' ability to run and shoot. Surely this will be one of the most challenging and thrilling mobile games.

Without losing its classic style, the side-scroller game model will still be presented. The adventure of the characters will also be equipped with unique skills and more than 100 weapons items will be available that you can modify and use in the game.

Contra: Return successfully won 50 million users after being officially released in China in 2017. Until now, this game is still perched in the top ranks of mobile game applications in China.

Contra: Return 2018
In Indonesia alone, this game will be released in two phases, namely the pre-registration phase and the open beta phase. The pre-registration phase has been opened starting today and can be accessed via You just have to register your full name, mobile number and active email. Players participating in this stage will receive special prizes from Contra: Return.

Even more special, there are additional prizes for all players if the number of registrants reaches 100,000 people. Come on, invite your friends and get the special prize.Look forward to the information about the Contra game continuation: Return! [hhw]
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