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Easy Ways to Change Online Games Become Offline on Android

Easy Ways to Change Online Games Become Offline on Android
For games contained on android phones it turns out very many types of games but we can only play them online only, where for the excitement of this online game we can only use with internet quota, such as games that have been created by MOBA or what we are familiar with The title of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is quite fun when we play with our friends. But unfortunately when we are playing the game but the data quota that we have is exhausted.

If it has happened so surely it will make us just confused and of course will think how "how to play online games to be offline on android" Therefore we will share this tutorial on how to change online games to ofline on android. And surely for this method it's not easy, but you don't need to worry because now the development of a technology is getting more sophisticated so that there will be applications that can change the game online to be offline.

With an application that can change the game that you normally play using data quota but now you can play it not using the internet because this is quite new, but the results are quite good and also very cool. Surely you are now starting to be curious to know the name of the application that can change the online game to offline on this android, Lucky Patcher. Therefore you should refer to the tutorial directly on how to change the online game to offline with the lucky patcher application that we have prepared below.

How to Change Online Games So Offline on an Android Mobile

Therefore, for those of you who want to use the way to change online games offline using the Lucky Patcher application, please click here, or you can do it another way, namely using online hack games to be offline. For the tutorial you should see what we present below.

1. First of all you should open an online web game hack to be offline and the name is friv. If you should look for a game that you will change into an offline game or without using an internet quota.

2. After you have selected the game, please click right then you appear like a Inspect Element. Then you just click.

3. Then you click on the search button or search in Inspect Element.

4. If you have then you will point the pointer at the game that you will choose. After that you just click left once and please wait until the Inspect Element changes.5. After that you should pay attention in the script section that you have blocked automatically, and then you will continue to click on the "arrow" so that in all the contents of this script everything can appear.

6. Then you will use the SWF extension that is beside the SRC code "Please pay attention to the file name of SWF you need to adjust to the game that you will change to offline"

7. After that right click and will return again in the SWF file then you will choose Open Link in new tab. With the new tab will automatically appear in the browser you are using.

8. The last step is that you will set in the browser section, then you make sure this setting must be very correct. If you have please click Save Page As.

9. And now you have finished doing the way to change the online game to offline on the Android phone.

Thus the information we share about How to Change Online Games So Offline on Android Phone, Hopefully with the above reviews can be useful for all of you, good luck and thank you.

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