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Easy Ways to Deal with Children Online Game Addiction

Easy Ways to Deal with Children Online Game Addiction
Along with the development of technology today makes this type of game also develops, if in the past the game was often done outside the house with all friends using the tools that were there with great joy. But when times have changed with technology, children's play has become one of the things that change, now our children play with themselves accompanied by their imagination in front of a computer monitor. In the screen, the moving image is controlled by a keyboard or joystick and the children are moving the keyboard.

Game play on the monitor screen, currently continues to grow using an internet connection where all players are not limited in space and time, wherever he is able to play each other the same game. This is what makes online game play exciting for children and there is also for some adults. If for adults who have thought and set the time of course it is not a problem if playing online games, but that is dangerous if our children who are still happy to play are hooked to enter a new world for him, namely the world of online gaming, where in all the game models A story scheme that continues from level to level creates challenges for children. Especially with communities scattered throughout the world, making them able to communicate to talk about ways or tricks to defeat challenges at each level.

As a result, children become self-forgetful and move away from their social environment until there is an addiction to this online game. Children will start skipping from school often, will start home late and worse begin to dare to lie to parents for various reasons in order to go to the cafe or game center to fulfill the play. In fact, like the case of the D child who told his mother when it came to me that his son had dared to come out midnight through the roof just to go to the cafe to play games. Also up to frequent skipping and bad grades are all because the work is only playing online games, even to not go home almost 3 days just to play online games in front of the computer.

The negative impact of online gaming is indeed increasingly affecting our children, even a game maker from Japan includes real life stories into the game, such as there are marriages between game leaders to have children as well. Eventually the children only live in their own world without caring about their surroundings, their lives become indifferent and feel able to live even without parents. Did you know that in online games we can do financial transactions by selling various bonuses, weapons and ratings so that the players can get money from the game. That is what causes a child to survive in the net while playing online games even though the allowance has been decided by his parents.

Simple therapy for you as a parent is trying to enter your child's world. For parents who do not understand this game, they will become confused and find it strange to see a game like that, but if you want to enter the world of these children then try to try it. How to? Of course learning to your child, ask your child how to play it, what symbols are used to move the characters on the screen. Or you pretend to be stupid or don't know about the monitor game, so you can learn from your child and of course play with your child. When our children know that their parents also like to play, that's where attachments appear and the child's subconscious mind will open so you can influence him while playing the game.

The positive impact of online game play is triggering children's imagination and creativity, but if excessive playing games will cause dependency effects. You are a parent who tries to bring the world of online game imagination into real life. For example, by naming your child's personal items with the names of the characters in the online game. It could also be by being figures in the online game as role models or role models when you talk to your child.

In general, be parents who follow the times so that your child has friends who can talk to and play whenever and wherever. When you can play with your children that is the right time to give various suggestions about life as their stock in the future.

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