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Effect of Online Games on Student Learning Achievement

Effect of Online Games on Student Learning Achievement

The technological development in the Era is very fast now. We can obtain various technological advances easily. Along with the times and the rapid development of technology, communication between people can be done with a variety of tools or facilities, one of which is a means of refresher, such as playing online games.

Online games are very fast growing lately, the longer, the more enjoyable the game. Starting from the appearance, style of play, game graphics, image resolution and so on. There is also a variety of types of games such as war games, adventures, fights and other types of online games that make the game interesting. The more interesting a game is, the more people will play the online game.

What dominates playing online games is among students, ranging from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and high school. This can be seen from the number of internet cafes and game centers in big cities and small cities that play online games in them are students. Students who often play an online game will cause children to become addicted. His addiction to playing online games will have an impact on him, especially in terms of academic because it is still in school age.

Online game

Online games, words that are often used to represent a digital game that is rife in this modern age. This online game is often found in everyday life. Although some people think that online games are identical to computers, games don't only operate on computers. Games can be in the form of consoles, handled, even games are also on mobile phones. Online games are useful for refreshing or eliminating the player's boredom, both from daily activities (work, learning, and other factors) or just filling in free time.

History and development of online games

The development of online games alone cannot be separated from the development of computer technology and the computer network itself. The explosion of online games itself is a reflection of the rapid growth of the computer network that used to be small scale to the internet and continues to grow until now. Online Games are not the same as when online games were introduced for the first time. When it first appeared in 1960, computers could only be used for 2 people to play games. Then comes the computer with time-sharing capabilities so that players who can play the game can be more and do not have to be in the same room (Multiplayer Games).

Then in 1970 when packet-based computer networks appeared (packet based computer networking), computer networks were not only limited to LANs but included WANs and became Internet. The first online games that appeared mostly were war simulation games or aircraft used for military purposes which were finally released and then commercialized, these games then inspired other games to appear and develop.Negative and positive impact of online games

The positive impact of online games for students is that student interaction will be more easily monitored by parents, students 'brains will be more active in thinking, students think reflexes will respond faster, students' emotions can be overflowed by playing games, students will be more creative thinking .

The negative impact of online games for students is that students will be lazy to learn and often use their free time to play online games, students will steal time from their learning schedules to play online games, time to learn and help parents after school hours will be lost because playing games, pocket money or paying school fees will be distorted to play online games, forget the time The diet will be disrupted, emotional students will also be disrupted because of the effects of this game, even though the schedule of worship will be neglected by students, students will tend to skip school for games kasayangan them.


The student we mean here is a child, both male and female, aged 8-17 years who are still exploring the world of education, especially at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Students, in addition to having the rights that must be received, also have obligations that must be fulfilled. One of the obligations of a student we know is to study and learn. In the present day a student's obligation begins to erode the flow of globalization in technological progress, students are more subordinate to learning than playing online games, in their daily lives students are more quickly influenced by invitations from friends, besides inviting friends to be curious about something new it is those who encourage them to try to try things they have never done.

Students themselves are easily influenced by new things, generally they are affected by association, friends from the association who try to influence students to play online games. But this influence is better than being invited to go more negative like drunken drunkenness, gambling, drugs etc. In situations like this, the role of parents is more likely to be addressed to overcome the problem, parents at home play a more important role in regulating the behavior and personality of the student, while parents in the school are more regulated to direct where the student gets along.

Motivation to learn

Learning motivation is the overall driving force both from within and outside the student (by creating a series of efforts to provide certain conditions) that guarantee continuity and provide direction to learning activities, so that the desired goals can be achieved.

Understanding motivation according to experts:Motivation to learn can also be interpreted as a series of efforts to provide certain conditions, so that someone wants and wants to do something, and if he does not like it, it will try to negate or avoid the feeling of dislike. (A.M. Sardiman (2005: 75)
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