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For the sake of online gaming, recidivists disguise themselves as police and teenage motorists

For the sake
Kodim members secured a young man with the initials MJK (20) who claimed to be a police officer. MJK became a fake police officer and raided motorists passing on Jalan Magelang, Saturday (23/6).

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"The perpetrators were secured by members of the Kodim passing on Jalan Magelang. The Kodim member suspected the perpetrator of stopping a number of vehicles. When asked by members of the Kodim, the perpetrator claimed to be a member of the Regional Police, when told to show the KTA the perpetrators did not have them, then secured at the Sleman Kodim," said Sleman police chief, AKBP Sudargo, Tuesday (26/6).

From MJK's examination, Sudargo said, it was known that he had seized cellphones and Rp. 20,000 worth of victims belonging to Ahmad Khoirul Rizky (16), a resident of Margokaton, Seyegan, Sleman on Jalan Magelang. Actor mode when acting by pretending to search. Then the perpetrator took the victim's wallet and two cellphones.

"Actually there are other victims too. In Beran Hamlet, Tridadi, Sleman there were three crime scenes and one did not report. From the victim's testimony, it was true that the suspect seized the cell phone and the victim's money. The victim still knew the helmet and the type of motorbike used by the suspect when in action, "said Sudargo.

Sudargo added that in every action, the perpetrator frightened the victim using a match gun. The perpetrators also choose teenagers as targets.

Sudargo described the perpetrator as a recidivist who had been detained for six months in 2016. At that time, the perpetrator was arrested because of a possession of a sharp weapon.

"For his actions, the perpetrators threatened to enter bars for a maximum of 9 years. The perpetrators were charged with Article 368 of the Criminal Code concerning extortion," explained Sudargo.

Meanwhile, MJK claimed that his desperate action was to extort and seize the property of the victim by claiming to be police because he was forced to. MJK claimed that he had committed crimes because of his life's needs."My job is not enough internet cafe guards, I brought a good match pistol from my brother. Before I started acting I was drunk first in the Bugisan area for a birthday event. The results of my crime I used to play online games" closed MJK. [ded]
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