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Generate billions thanks to online games, see the series of inspiring stories

Generate billions thanks to online games, see the series of inspiring stories
In the past, games were seen as a hobby that was counterproductive because they always spent money. But this kind of view must have been countered, the article is now an online game or online game, has become the livelihood of many people.

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Now, there is the name eSports. The eSports players, who may have been seen as people whose hobbies linger in front of the PC, are now recognized as athletes.

Professional eSports athletes also have teams managed by managers like other sports teams.

The income of eSports athletes is not only Rp. 100-200 thousand, but can be up to tens of billions of rupiah.

Reporting from the e-sports earning site, Wednesday (4/4/2018), it turns out that from the 50 richest eSports athletes, athletes who only occupy 50th position can earn as much as US $ 941 thousand (Rp. 12 billion).

Meanwhile, for eSport athletes in the top ten, their average income is above US $ 1.9 million (Rp. 20 billion rupiah).

The top three was occupied by Saahil Aror from the United States who had revenues of US $ 2.9 million (Rp. 39 billion), then ranked second was Amer Barqawi from Jordan with an income of US $ 3.1 million (Rp. 42 billion).

For the first rank, the name Kuro Takhasomi from Germany was recorded. The 25-year-old man has an income of US $ 3.5 million (Rp. 48 billion).ESports athletes who earn fantastic income are not only concentrated in Europe, but from various parts of the world, such as China, Canada, Pakistan, Singapore and South Korea.

The most popular Dota 2

The majority of eSports athletes earn fantastic income from the Dota 2 game. The Dota 2 game has become popular among gamers since it was released on July 9, 2013.

Dota 2 has a genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). This genre is increasingly popular because it invites players to form teams and compete together.

Besides Dota 2, the League of Legends game that has the MOBA genre is also in demand among eSports players.

Ready to compete at the 2022 Asian Games

The Olympic Council of Asia and Alisports announce eSports competition will be one of the sports contested at the 2022 Asian Games in China.

With this plan, eSports is a step closer to being competed in other major sports such as the Olympics.

Responding to this, Epitcio "TACO" de Melo, one of the best Counter Strike players: Global Offensive (CS: GO) welcomed happily."Yes, hopefully this can be realized quickly. As many people already know, the eSports industry is currently developing rapidly rather than other sports," Taco told Tekno at Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney, Australia some time ago.

He added, "Not much different from other sports, eSports has several similar preparations. We practice every day by discussing strategies and preparing body conditions."

Even so, opposition and obstacles still exist.

"They are parents and still have an old-fashioned mind. It's all a matter of time, because many people realize how big the potential of eSports is growing rapidly," Taco said.

Seeing that this branch was delighted to be welcomed by many eSports lovers, hopefully many people who are still opposing will melt with this great potential in the future.


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