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How To Train Your Wife!

How To Train Your Wife!

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Some men can be married for 38 years, and counting, and still not be wise on how to train their wife. Its something worth doing however. Not only is it romantic and adventurous to train your wife its also a lot of fun!

It must be said, however, that if youre going to even attempt to do this you need to do it right! Trust me, there are a fair percentage of women who dont want to be trained. They think its going to be boring, uncomfortable and kind of a guy orientated thing.

This is probably a misconception due to the fact that traditionally this was a preoccupation of the male kind. Some men will spend hours in its pursuit, even when there are no obvious benefits, and their wife sees that its getting them nowhere fast.

Why Train Your Wife?

Convincing your wife that youre going to train her, and she should go along with it, is half the journey. Once you get past this point youll both find that there are some great benefits.

A little research is likely to be all the convincing shell need. The training a loving husband will suggest is romantic, sophisticated and relaxing. It offers great opportunity for hand holding, kissing and exploring some beautiful territory that the couple has likely never journeyed on together before.

Where My Husband First Trained Me

The first time my husband trained me was in Malaysia. We were backpacking at the time and really not much more than newly weds.

He booked the two-day journey from Kuala Lumpur up to Bangkok, Thailand. It was a cultural experience I will remember forever. I felt like he was sharing an exclusive adventure with me. Breathtaking scenery, Thai food (swimming in chili) served to our seats and our bunks folded down with little privacy curtains for the swaying night ahead.

Not only was it a convenient way to travel, the experience was exhilarating.

The second time my husband trained me was in Japan. We rode from Tokyo to Osaka on the Shinkansen. This is testament to how different every training experience can be.

Streaking through the countryside in luxury and comfort at incredible speeds, it seemed ridiculous that I would have resisted this incredible experience in our marriage.

How Seriously Will You Train Your Wife?

The best and most glamorous training experiences are the ones my husband is yet to take me on. Ive peeked online and seen some that are available. These trains are the ultimate luxury with sophisticated antique and timber fittings, gourmet dining and every convenience of the world most exclusive hotels.

Journeys through Paris, Rome, Venice, Vienna and onward. Travelling through some of the worlds most majestic scenery and on to enticing destinations of historical heritage.

There are other wonderful options in most corners of the world that fit various time and budget restraints.

The Canadian Rockies Train
Orient Expresses
Grand Canyon Train Rides
British Pullman from London to Leeds Castle
Nullabor Plain (Australia) when the wildflowers are in bloom
Danube Express
Mexico's 390-mile-long Copper Canyon Train

For every one of these suggestions Im sure you could find six others with hardly a click of your mouse.

So husbands! Why wait years to train your wife?! She may not realize it, until you take the initiative, but shes going to love it!
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