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It's Not Too Late To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

It's Not Too Late To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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After a breakup, its common to feel as though you may never be able to get your ex girlfriend back. But the reality is this: in most situations, you still have a very good chance of getting back together with her.

The first thing you need to understand is that, in almost all cases, your ex girlfriend still has a strong emotional attachment to you. She hasnt forgotten everything she loved about you when you were together, and she wouldnt have begun dating you in the first place unless she was attracted to you.

This attraction that your ex girlfriend feels for you both physical and emotional doesnt simply disappear in the wake of a breakup. In fact, sometimes it can actually grow stronger in the weeks and months after a breakup, especially if you employ the no contact strategy.

If youve ever been the one initiating a breakup and most of us have, at some point, had to do so then you probably remember the first few weeks after breaking up with your ex you felt horrible that you hurt her, and there were many times when you wished you could just make it all go away and get back together with her.

Well, your ex girlfriend is almost certainly feeling those same emotions right now. She misses you, and she longs for the comfort and safety she felt when you were together. Unless shes already found someone else to fill this void in her life and if the two of you were together for a year or longer, thats extremely unlikely then shell be fighting the urge to call you and get back together with you.

Think of it in this way: a person who is addicted to a drug doesnt continue to do drugs because he or she wants to. In fact, most drug addicts would love to be clean and sober but every time they try to quit, they are overcome with the symptoms of withdrawal: fatigue, irritability, nausea, headaches, etc. They may battle these horrible effects of withdrawal for days or even weeks, but all the time theyre well aware that all these problems will magically disappear with a single dose of whatever drug they were addicted to. As a result, most addicts eventually cave in to this desire, and fail to stay clean for long.

Now, youre not a drug and your ex girlfriend isnt trying to sober up. but the situation is definitely similar. Your ex is missing you, feeling lonely and heartbroken. and she probably knows that picking up the phone and telling you she still loves you is probably all it will take for the two of you to get back together.

Most likely, your ex girlfriend is going to contact you in the week and months following your breakup. This doesnt always happen, but most people (were only human, after all!) cave in to their weaknesses and contact their ex.

When your ex girlfriend contacts you, you have two options:

1.) You can tell her how much you miss her, tell her youre sorry, ask for her forgiveness, and generally do all the things that desperate men do when they want to win back their ex girlfriends.

2.) You can use this initial contact as a springboard to a new and stronger relationship together. After all, you know she still loves you and is fighting the urge to get back together with you. If you say the right things at the right times, knowing that shes feeling lonely and still craving your touch, you can slowly win back her heart and build a stronger, healthier, and more loving relationship.
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