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Life Is Nothing Else But A Series Of Funny Paradoxes

Life Is Nothing Else But A Series Of Funny Paradoxes

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Defining paradoxes is not a simple task. These are statements or concepts that include contradictory ideas. Yet, often times, they are just a play on words; very confusing at first, but when deliberating about them they might become true statements, true by logic. There are no mathematical or logical formulas or definitions to solve them; hence, still many of them don't have generally accepted answers.

Funny Paradoxes

They are all around us. They got their source in words because the language we talk is one funny paradoxical tool, for example:

fresh cheese
do nothing
simple mastery
like unlikable
rightly wrong
left to stay
hell in paradise
fallen angel
drink responsibly
really fake
holy shit!, etc, etc, etc.

Funny language. Funny paradoxes. Funny philosophies. Funny people. Funny Industry. Funny Life. Paradox of Life.

We are born (because that's the only way out to exit the entrance!), we go to pre-school, then to school, perhaps even to university. We are taught essential life lessons, only to ignore and forget them at the time of learning and appreciate them later, near the end. We think about anything; just to keep us busy to think about something. We talk about ourselves, especially when talking about others. Desire-blinded by what life gives us, we dream of a prince/ss from a fairy tale. We, ordinary people, try to live like gods with our contaminated and infected souls with desires and wants of never ending needs and possesions. We have more of anything and less of everything. We adapt to the given to us formulas; like fools, we learn our system-shaped roles. And look, after so many years, we still get lost in our points of view. Are all the rhetorical questions answered already? It's a funny life; funny industry.

Funny Paradoxes

They all around us and within us. How many can you find in the following paragraph?

One moment in time

Pretty ugly, terribly good, girlishly looking boy, surely enough, once again, found missing his non-stop flight, his only choice to the OxyMoron City. Bad luck! All alone, clearly confused at this randomly-patterned practical joke, he reached simply difficult, preliminary conclusion that definitely maybe he is a big baby, unsung hero, according to his least favorite, but known public secret - objective opinion. Timeless moment! Acting naturally, but growing smaller like a little giant, a suicide victim of his dreamless inspirations, at the peak of his silent scream, with passive aggression, he shouted wordlessly at the hiding sun! - Genuinely fake, falsely true, typically unusual, a true story in this recorded live, seriously funny, virtual reality!

Paradoxes, aren't they funny or are they? Do funny paradoxes defy our minds, our knowledge, or even our wisdom? If they do dare our minds, they do, in some way, challenge us as well. Are we paradoxical human beings? Are we tangled up enough yet? Paradox of Life.

Everything written here is subject to a discussion More to come, definitely maybe.
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