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Interested in changing the PS4 into a gaming laptop This is the price of modification

Interested in changing
For those of you who are tired of playing the PS4 console in front of the TV and are interested in playing Sony's best game console in new places, maybe you can try 'PlayBook 4'. However, there is a price to pay for converting your PS4 console into a 'PlayBook 4' laptop.

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Previously, Ed Zarick, a game console modification expert, had made a gaming laptop from an Xbox One console. Now Zarick is ready to turn your PS4 into a gaming laptop with a 22-inch screen. To make a PS4 laptop called the PlayBook 4, Zarick uses 3D printing and laser-cutting technology to produce a semi-portable game console with a charming body.

Unfortunately, before you can enjoy the PlayBook 4, you have to prepare around USD 1,100 or IDR 13.5 million as a modification fee. This figure is certainly quite expensive, when compared with PS4 prices which currently only range from Rp. 4-7 million. If you want to order a full PlayBook 4 without exchanging your PS4, the price that must be redeemed is IDR 17 million, Extreme Tech (15/10).

But, Zarick revealed that every order of PlayBook 4 can be made more 'personal'. With a choice of white or black main colors, the buyer can choose specifically the four corners of the PlayBook 4 which is made with 3D-printing techniques.

Although a little heavier than most laptops, with a weight of almost 6 kilograms, the gaming experience using the PlayBook 4 is not inferior to playing PS4 on a 65-inch HDTV though. Playbook 4 made by Zarick uses a 22-inch screen from Vizio which is capable of producing 1080 pixel HD resolution. And with a screen density of up to 100 ppi, surely the sharpness when used to play the best games like 'Destiny' is quite satisfying to the gamer's eyes.

The only drawback of the PlayBook 4 might be the absence of a battery that is a source of energy from the console. The PlayBook 4 can only light up by connecting it to a power source. Even so, the PlayBook 4 remains quite functional when we want to play PS4 in places that were previously unthinkable, such as in restaurants. [bbo]
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