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Is PS4 Pro Worth Buying

Is PS4 Pro Worth Buying
Some time ago Sony announced their latest console, PS4 PRO. On September 8, 2016 the official Twitter account from Playstation Europe tweeted, "Introducing the super-charged # PS4PRO, delivering the sharpest gaming experiences ever seen. #PlayStationMeeting". There are 2 versions of PS4, PS4 slim and PS4 PRO, here are the official prices.

When viewed from the price above, the price for the PS4 PRO that will be sold in Indonesia ranges from 5-6 million, not much different from the PS4 prices currently circulating. But the PS4 Pro can play at 4k resolution, but it's not pure upscale to 4K but uses techniques that can sharpen the image so that it approaches 4K. Then on the PS4 Pro there is an HDR mode whose function is to more detail the shadow and light. Certainly playing on the graph and 4K resolution will break after all.

Then, there is a slim PS4 that costs four to four hundred million if sold in Indonesia. Cheaper $ 100 than the Pro version, the advantages of the PS4 Slim from the old PS4 version are cooler. If the old PS4 we play for a long time will like heat, then in this slim version it's cooler or cool. Whereas the lack of PS4 slim is that there is no optical audio output, which makes it unable to be connected with a sound system device.

Is the PS4 Pro worth buying?

If, judging from the price range of 5-6 million you can enjoy 4K. Compare that with PC builds of 5-6 million, can you play 4k games? It's difficult to compare a PC with a Console, but that's a little picture in terms of PS4 Pro hardware. Another consideration is the Hype of the PS4 Pro launch, it's normal, right? instead it tends to be cricket, cricket, and there's no sensation.

Then, can this PS4 Pro last long? what is the game's ecosystem? Maybe we can wait for the latest reviews while waiting for PS4 Pro to be available at GS Shop in your city. If you are not interested in PS4 Pro, you can try making a PC Gaming Setup for the Cool E-Sport.

Well that's a bit of my personal opinion as a game lover, maybe I can help friends in determining whether the PS4 Pro is worth buying?
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