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Konami Proud of PES 2018 Compared at the Asian Games

Konami Proud of PES 2018 Compared at the Asian Games
JAKARTA, - The 2018 Asian Games marked the first time that eSports sports a place in the sporting event. There are 6 game titles that are competed in the eSports branch, one of which is the football game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 made by Konami.

According to Takayuki Kurumada, Konami's Deputy Division Director of Promotion Planning Division, the entry of 2018 PES at the Asian Games is a special achievement for Konami. Moreover, PES 2018 is the only eSports with the sports genre competed.

Although the form is still in the form of competition for demonstrations, Konami stated that it is ready to fully support both technical and non-technical aspects for the smooth running of this tournament.

"PES 2018 is the only game played in this 2018 Asian Games demonstration tournament. Of course this is a pride. In fact, when it was first announced, I continued to get congratulations from various PES communities in the world," said Takayuki in a discussion at Senayan area, Jakarta, Friday (08/24/2018).

He added that this achievement made Konami want to continue to boost the popularity of eSports so that more enthusiasts will form athletes who excel.

"Konami had visited the PES community in several countries including Indonesia. After talking to the community in Indonesia, we were inspired to make the competition bigger and we will support it," he continued. GITO YUDHA PRATOMO Takayuki Kurumada, Konami Deputy Division Director of Promotion Planning Division
Indonesia participates

PES 2018 was chosen as one of the games competed in eSports after receiving various considerations. According to Chairman of the Indonesian eSport Association, Eddy Lim, the selection of this game is indeed through several conditions. One of them is the popularity that is evenly distributed throughout the tournament participating countries.

"There are several conditions, but all are determined by the international federation. One of them is that the game must have many players from the participating countries. This is to be fair. Don't let one game that turns out to be unpopular in one of the participating countries," said Eddy Lim in the same opportunity.In this Asian Games demonstration tournament, 2018 PES was attended by 8 countries in Asia, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Japan, India and Indonesia. These eight countries are made in two different groups.

The match method is that there are three games in one match. First is one on one (1 v 1), then two on two (2 v 2) and last one on one again (1 v 1).

Indonesia itself took down a team for this 2018 PES game. This team contains two players, Elga Cahya Putra and Setia Widianto.

PES 2018 will begin competing on 26 August to 1 September 2018.
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