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KPAI values students bring sharply when the brawl impacts often play online games

KPAI values students
The phenomenon of student brawls in various regions feels tough to eliminate. Police efforts began from routine patrols, sharp weapons raids, to arresting the sellers as if not reducing the brutal actions of the children of that age.

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The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) continues to highlight brawl habits from year to year. Now the game of violence is also considered to be one indicator of the students desperate to enliven the brutal action among them.

KPAI commissioner Rita Pranawati said, basically the brawl departed from the self-concept of students who were indeed in the formation period. In this age of internet and easy access to playing games like now, cyberspace needs attention.

"So the virtual world is very influential. For example, playing games is very easy to hit, kill, and so on. But there is a spare life. While in real life there is no spare life. Actually, playing games also eliminates empathy, eliminates preference. social, and that becomes a problem, "Rita said when contacted by, Thursday (2/8).

According to Rita, the game itself is indeed a deeply ingrained culture among students. He admitted, basically there was no firm research stating the significance of the game against the brawl that never went away. However, it remains important to be seen as one of the indicators that influence violent behavior.

"Because it is ingrained in behavior patterns, and can cause aggression," he explained.

At his age, students are also considered to be seeking more sensations by engaging in brawls. Without thinking, they hope to look cool, macho, and brave. There is a certain satisfaction that should be channeled through other, more positive activities.

"Sometimes he is not really willing to kill lives, so just looking for sensation, not thinking long. This means that there is a part of the problem from the caregiving context," said Rita.The matter of parenting, the family environment was also led to attention. Starting from taking care of the child so as not to carelessly go out at night, to permit the use of the vehicle in their situation that is not quite old enough.

"For example, the night should have children at home, but then the parents let the child not at home even go away. The junior high school riding the motorbike is also not justified. This means that the role of parents also determines, this child can play motorbikes and so on it is very influential the actual situation of the child. So it's too loss with the rules, "he explained.

Brawl is also called part of bullying. It's just being more brutal because of the use of sharp weapons in it. Therefore, education from all parties such as families, schools, and the community environment needs to be synergized.

Responding around is not only the duty of police officers who routinely patrol. People need to be alert when they see young people who are gathered without any indication of positive activity in it.

"If they have a positive activity, the energy will be absorbed there. While most of the perpetrators are fun and looking for sensations. That is actually problematic," Rita stressed.

Reporter: Nanda Perdana
Source: [rhm]
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