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New Research Rhythm for Learning

New Research Rhythm for Learning

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New Research: Learning & Memory Up 33% - by Rhythm
1. Like a fun way to Ace school and work?

2. Is it l-o-n-g and Boring, Pop?

3. My students say its cool & like a video game. Yes or no?

4. Ill do a Mind Experiment, like Einstein called it.

5. Its tested & proven at neuro-physicists at UCLA. It appears in the journal, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. Senior author, M. R. Mehta.

6. Do you know the tune, Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream?

7. Sure, its a kids tune everyone knows from camp.

8. Dont look for complications. You replace the words with what you want to learn & remember, right? It the Rhythm that helps you learn & remember whatever you insert, permanently.

9. Thats the big deal, Pop?

10. Step: one. Sit down, eyes opened, and you TAP (slap) like a drum, to a beat - on your knee-tops. That gets your Rhythm moving from your mind to your entire body. The Tune is, Row-Row-Row.

Step: two. The Lyrics (words) to remember are:
Synapse is a junction (connection) between 2 nerve cells.

Step: three: S-m-i-l-e as you Tap your knee-tops, eyes closed & mentally Visualize the words you want to recall. See them in your minds eye, as-if youre reading a book.

11. I can do that, and it sounds like a great way to learn. First, I hear the Tune (not the words to Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Next, slap each hand on each leg-top. Drumming. Last is Singing, chanting the words I want to remember, right Pop?

12. Im really proud of you. Now, Do it. Tap & chant. Synapse is a junction (connection) between 2 nerve cells. Keep a Smile on your face. Remember, see the definition of a Synapse in your minds eye.

13. I like it, and I try at school. Does it work the same way for business?

14. Sure. Science shows that exposure to a rhythm & tune, music, alters and increases the brains learning & memory functions. The Lyrics (words) and the Rhythm (tune) must be integrated as a learning strategy.

15. Does it work for learning foreign languages?

16. Yes. The definition of learning is comprehension & memory linked together. Some folks like the tune to Old McDonald Have a Farm. Any easy tune, but forget the words, and substitute what you want to learn.

17. It sounds too easy to work, Pop.

18. You know about V-A-K. Using your strongest three-senses, Vision-Auditory-Kinesthetic (sensation of movement). See & hear, plus drumming is V-A-K. Do this & you improve learning & memory 33%.

19. Yeah Pop, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Common sense, singing-a-song puts your brain in Alpha brainwaves, and you relax & remember more.

20. Kid, youre a brainiac. You do NOT have to remember this. Rhythm is a synonym for frequency, the same as a radio at 88.5 and a different station at 89 f.m.

21. So what?

22. Mehta said, Our work suggests that some problems with learning & memory (for kids & Seniors) are caused by Synapses not being tuned to the RIGHT frequency.

23. I still dont understand, Pop.

24. When you TAP to a Rhythm, you stimulate the Synapses to increase in strength. That improves your learning & memory. Synapses have a preferred frequency, Rhythmic tapping raises it for Brainiacs.

25. But Dr. Franklin, what is your Electricity good for?

26. Tap for two-minutes before an exam and youll excite

long-term memory improvement. Tap before an interview and your being an extrovert shines through.
Tap before doing a presentation, and the audience will love you. And it is a great Stress-Buster.

Remember, the faster you learn, the faster you EARN.
Tap-in, Turn-on, and Tune-in because in the Knowledge-Economy, bigger-is-better.

Copyright 2013, Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

Bernard Wechsler, educational director of We train students and adults of all ages to read-and-remember 300-pages daily like JFK, LBJ, Nixon & Carter. We helped train the White House staffs of four U.S.
Presidents. Call Gene, 877-567-2500 for dates of Workshops at
Columbia University in NYC. Special tuition discounts for
readers of Selfgrowth.
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