Online Game Phenomenon

Online Game Phenomenon
[id = "attachment_228165" align = "aligncenter" width = "450" ??caption = ""] [/ caption] Maybe many of our friends in social media like Facebook sometimes have a link for us to join the online game. And even so, even though I have never clicked on a link. It's not like games but I prefer playing offline games. It's good to be able to play at any time without being bothered by an internet connection. Now, 2 days ago accounting work was a little, so my boss told me to do a market reseacr about online games. The main thing is all about online gaming, from companies, business prospects in Indonesia, problems and solutions, complete pokonya investments. It seems like he wants to do business and investment to make a game maker company. Two days of playing online games I found out that online games were like real life. There is life, love, money, market, economy, inflation, and so on. All online games are managed by a president (Game Master). To the game master, all users complain about the online game if the middle of the road encounters obstacles. Online games also have many streams. There are music, war, adventure, anime and much more. Terms in online games are also foreign to me such as cheats, cheaters, cash, GM, party, guild, war, archon, economic value (changes in Dalant-Gold exchange rate, auction, sale / purchase price of goods) and so on. In online games there are also buying and selling transactions using game money. Even in Korea, there are also transactions with real money. Transfer each other like fellow users. However, because there are a lot of disadvantages, the government prohibits and there are laws regarding the prohibition of buying and selling in real terms. Just use game money. If the mechanism might depend on the type of online game, yeah. In Indonesia, the game maker company has around 70 companies. Wow, lots too. The majority of foreign companies. For local games, it's a bit because of the interest in capital. They (foreign companies) say they find great opportunities in Indonesia. Because of the large country, large population and also the development of technology such as smartphones, gadgets are increasingly developing. So you can play games via cellphone. Not only for the upper class. The lower class can also buy it at a very affordable price. How come it feels like damaging the nation's generation. What happens if all Indonesian children are addicted to online games. Can be dangerous. Finally after market research, I explained to my boss what it is, why would I want to invest in this business, mending to another one hehe ... and until now there has been no response or just a discourse about game maker business. Happy ... Playing online games also has a negative and positive side. So you must think first to play the online game. If you just fill your spare time just go ahead. Here are the negative and positive sides: The negative impact of playing online games is: Sisalal relationship with friends, family becomes tenuous because their shared time is greatly reduced. Our association is only in online games, making online game addicts isolated from friends and real social environments. And game addicts are very difficult to connect with others because they only socialize in the gaming world.

Psychologically, our minds are constantly thinking about the game we are playing. We find it difficult to concentrate on studies, work, frequent absenteeism or avoiding work. Makes us indifferent, indifferent, less concerned about things that are happening around us. Doing anything in order to play games, like lying, stealing money, anything will be done for online gaming.
Positive impact of playing online games:
The positive side depends on the online game. For example, virtual socialization without limited space, knows the characteristics of each person better. This will not come from physical socialization which is limited by space and time, although physical friends have also varied. Train Cooperation, this is for games like a team. Train sportsmanship. If you lose, lose. Only for this one, quite a lot of people take shortcuts: cheats. And one positive benefit of all online games is to eliminate real-world stress.
So, actually the adverse or not problem returns to his own person, how he responds to online games. Even so, adults can also give information to children about online games, so that there will not be cases like the above. The problem is, we tend to seek blame rather than blame ourselves
Greetings Online Game
Source: 1. 2., Cempaka Putih, 20-02-2013


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