Online game

Online game
By: Reti Sufarni

Faculty of Islamic Law and philosophy, sociology of Religion, UIN Ar-Raniry, Darussalam, Banda Aceh

The rapid development of the world towards modernization makes technology more sophisticated. Games that were traditional in the past, have now become electronic. This electronic game can be done indoors, so without requiring to leave the house to do it. There are so many electronic games found. Electronic games supported by network systems such as x-box, nitendo, playstation, PC games. There are also games with different places and very far range, such as online games.

Online games may have been very well known in the community, this game itself has been played in various circles both among the children, young people, men and women are now used to being seen in the eyes. Online games have developed in communities that are now very well known with games that are so attractive that teenagers and children are increasingly interested in the online game.

It cannot be denied that online games themselves have become bored time friends of the children, because at the time of the gap playing games is the main choice for teenagers and children today. Examples of online games that are more trending now, such as "Mobile Legends" now many devotees, many of them play this game, by consuming a low internet quota, its users increasingly like this online game. On every cellphone or called an android / gadget cell phone, it's easy to find, just by downloading the app on play store, it's now easy to access by users. Online games are very promising, because why online games have many enthusiasts.

Online game fans are now almost all over the country and the world. The online game itself is very much in the range depending on the user's preference to play it. Actually playing games with a lot of negative effects such as forgetting time and lack of association or often called lack of socializing / mingling with other friends, it is clear that many of them spend free time in internet cafes rather than socializing with their peers.

In addition to online games in internet cafes now ordinary games can be played by those who like jelly games without using the internet network, with the android on hand now users can access ordinary games without having the internet network quota at all. This adds to a lot of users increasingly like the world of this game. The game itself becomes a preoccupation that can be felt by the user's soul. Games can be used at any time and anywhere without restrictions for users. Now the game itself is easy to meet without the slightest difficulty to access it. Making it easier for them to use the game easily without having to leave the house again.

Now, online games are more and more interested in their daily activities, the children arrived home from school immediately to the nearest cafe to go play games. This shows that online games are so much in the interest of young people. Many of them prefer playing games rather than learning, now they prefer playing games rather than making friends with friends around them.

The rise of online games is now the game makers are increasingly developing new ideas to get as much profit as possible so that the game sellers increasingly benefit and make our next generation more fall and get slumped. Thus causing many victims of online games that are negligent with the time they have.Now there are no more generations that make them become like childhood first, the games are very traditional, challenging, the presence of togetherness and socialization are so strong, so that the first experience with experience is now very different. In the past, children like to play hide-and-seek, playing jump ropes, pato catfish, bamboo cannons and so on. Togetherness is more attached, experience is much more fun and exciting than now. If now parents prefer to buy gadgets and other electronic media tools without thinking about what the future causes are like.

Parents should prioritize children's movements so as not to spend time playing online games at home. Because socialization is necessary and important for the future of the child too. The game is like an opium that will continue to want to try and try so as to make the child's brain focus on playing games rather than playing with friends in the real world.

now online games also become one of the modern children's hobbies like now. So it would be better if parents pay more attention to the environment than to spend time on their own. the role of parents to pay attention to children's behavior and educate them correctly.


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