Price of PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, newest and used 2018

Price of PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, newest and used 2018
Sony's top-notch gaming console with the name of the fourth-generation PS4 or PlayStation is one of the best-selling consoles in the world.


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Currently Sony has spawned a lot of PlayStation generations, even for PS4 only has 3 variants, namely the standard PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. PS4 Pro was created as a successor to the previous series, Sony Playstation 4. A number of real upgrades exist in this latest series. Starting from a faster CPU processor, a more powerful graphics chip to a more spacious memory space. All of these aspects certainly provide maximum comfort for gamers when playing their favorite games.

Not only does it improve technical performance, Sony also updates the physical appearance of the PS4 Pro. This device is made with more friendly action buttons. The sensitivity of the button is also made more accurate in order to minimize various accidental touches. In general, the PS 4 Pro form is also different from PS 4. This new console has a design that looks three layers. On PS 4 there are only two layers.

Sony PS4 Pro 2018

Sony aligns the Sony Playstation 4 Pro with the development of today's television technology that has far surpassed HD quality. PS 4 Pro is equipped with 4K resolution capability. Games like 'The Last of Us Remastered', 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare', 'Rez Infinite' and 'Infamous Second Son' are a list of games that will give maximum sensation when played in 4K resolution. For some games, you can even try the sensation of HDR features.

As you know, the PS4 is not just a console, it's like a 'Siri' assistant in the realm of gaming. Through this device, you can synchronize the game library on the previous PS4. This device also optimizes the existence of streaming services that have been widely present lately. You can watch favorite movies or series by streaming from this console with maximum resolution. Watching Netflix offerings in 4K visual format will spoil your eyes. No more need to rely on Blu-ray drives!

Interesting right? This of course is inseparable from the technological advances that make Sony's top-notch game consoles the best in its class.So what about the price of PS4? Is that expensive? We will discuss it in detail below.

Price of PS4 Pro 2018

The price of PS4 Pro 2018 has dropped from the price in 2017. If in 2017 the PS4 price touches the figure of Rp. 6 million, then the price of PS4 2018 is Rp. 5,679,900. Not until touching Rp. 6 million.

Sony PS4Pro 2018

The price tag of the PS4 in that number is quite reasonable considering that this device provides 4K screenshoots! This will make rival gamers jealous when they see screenshots of games that you have completed perfectly.

Whether you are a fan of old school games like 'The Last of Us' or a fan of a number of cult games such as 'Uncharted 4', the PS 4 Pro is an awesome console. It will be perfect if you include 4K HDR TV.

PS4 Slim price

When compared with the two siblings, (PS 4 and PS 4 Pro), the Playstation Slim 4 device made by Sony has a much slimmer body. The youngest has a thickness of only 3.9 cm. The regular PS 4 is 5.3 cm thick. Whereas PS 4 Pro is in fact measuring 5.5 cm.

PS4 Slim prices will certainly be cheaper. But before touching the PS4 Slim price, let's discuss what and how the specifications of the PS4 Slim.In addition to its physical form, Playstation Slim 4 gets improvements to the buttons. If previously the console device button was felt to be too sensitive, Sony reviewed the key composition better. There are not many improvements that Sony presents on the Playstation Slim 4. This console device has a high dynamic range (HDR) feature, but this feature actually also already existed on PS 4.

One prominent increase in the inside of the Playstation Slim 4 is the mechanical side. This console has a machine that works smoother without making a lot of noise. There's almost no hiss when you play a disc or watch a series on Netflix.

If you don't have a desire that is too big to play hardcore games, then this device is a good choice. After all, Playstation Slim 4 is smaller, lighter, smooth and certainly also cheaper than PS 4 or PS 4 Pro.

Sony PS4 Slim 2018

If you are still uncertain, there are three things that can be considered to make choices, namely:
1. If you already have a PS4 device before, then you can ignore PS 4 Slim. Actually there is no meaningful difference between the two, it's only a matter of case size where the Playstation Slim 4 is smaller.
2. If you want to find a console that is really fresh from Sony, then choose PS 4 Pro. There are a number of meaningful improvements to the console, such as graphics and hard drives.
3. As we mentioned in the previous subtitle, this device will not be maximal if you do not accompany it with an HDR feature TV. So if you don't want to spend more money, then play the Slim Playstation.

The price of PS4 Slim is divided into two. This is due to the variant of the PS4 Slim which certainly affects the PS4 Slim price.
1. PS4 SLim 500GB price: IDR 3,650,000
2. PS4 Slim 1TB price: IDR 4,999,000

Used PS4 prices

Used PS4 prices for this year are still at a fairly high point. From the standard PS4 price tag of Rp. 4,580,000, the price of used PS4 is still in the range of Rp. 3,500,000 to 3,700,000.

Sony PS4 2018 Extremetech.comBut, you should be able to make sure before buying a used PS4. Because all electronic items that have the title 'used' mostly have problems. Even though not all of them are troubled. But mostly it is. So you have to be more careful.

Used PS4 Pro prices

As is known, the price of PS4 Pro is now at Rp. 5,679,900. But the price of the former PS4 Pro is still relatively high. It's nothing, this is because the PS4 Pro is still newly launched as an accessory of a conventional PS4 or PS4 Fat, or a standard PS4, or whatever it is called.

The price of a used PS4 Pro is Rp. 4,500,000 to Rp. 4,700,000 depending on the conditions of the PS4 Pro console. [ega]


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