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PS4 vs. Xbox 720, who is the best

PS4 vs. Xbox 720, who is the best
There is an intriguing question when asked to console specialist gamers: which one is better, PS4 or Xbox 720?

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If the question is asked, of course there will be no answer. In fact, it will lead to a coachman debate among those who support PS4 with Xbox 720 fans.

However, if you can speculate a little, there are some things where both of these game consoles are capable of winning each other. Approximately, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

1. Processor

When viewed from the 'brain', the PS4 reportedly will be equipped with an AMD Jaguar processor with an 8-core x86-64 power. In addition, this rumor device is also armed with an 8GB RAM GDDR5.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 720 also does not want to be outdone by an processor with the same power, 8-core AMD and is armed with 8 GB RAM. The power generated is the same as the PS4.

However, with the available resources, Microsoft seems to be able to outperform this round by providing better graphics. The question is, can they?

2. Social AbilityThere is one thing Sony can at least be proud of in this battle, namely its social networking features. Through a share button, users can share their experiences about games on PS4 with other players.

This is what the Microsoft team hasn't thought of yet. Whether you realize it or not, the Xbox doesn't seem to want to compete with the PS4 in this case either.

3. Storage and download

Once again, Sony is able to be one step ahead of its rival Microsoft in the world of game consoles. This is considering Sony's technology that PS4 players can play the game even though they haven't finished downloading.

While what about the Xbox 720? although it hasn't been confirmed yet, it would be very futile if Microsoft also didn't implement this.

The conclusion?

Although it seems that the PS4 is capable of being slightly superior to the Xbox 720, it is rather difficult to determine who the winner is. This is because the Xbox 720 specifications are still very secretive of Microsoft.

If both have been launched, it will be very objective in determining who is the best.

Source: [nvl]
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