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Should You Buy Life Insurance For Grandchildren

Should You Buy Life Insurance For Grandchildren

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Have you ever considered buying life insurance for your grand kids? If not, maybe you should consider it. It will be one gift that can produce benefits for many years in the future. It may seem odd to think about buying life coverage for children. But those children will grow up faster than you think!

Why do people purchase life insurance for grandchildren and children? Let us consider a few good reasons. You may be able to buy your loved ones a lifetime of benefits for a very small amount of money.

For one thing, premiums are usually pretty low for younger people. Life insurance rates go up as we get older. If you purchase a fixed rate policy now, when your grandchildren are still very young, they can enjoy low rates forever. You can also find policies that can be paid off over the course of several years. You may purchase a policy like this, pay it off, and then hand your grandchild a lifetime of coverage when he or she is an adult.

Some children's life insurance policies have a handy rider that allows the insured person to add to his or her coverage when she becomes an adult. This provision allows the insured person to add more coverage without having to go through health underwriting.

You could buy a small policy now, and your grand child has the option of adding more face value later when he or she has started working. This provision usually allows the insured person to add coverage, regardless of health too. If your grandchild did develop an illness, he or she would not have to submit to any health underwriting later.

Cash value policies can also perform another function. They may actually grow in value. In fact, many people use cash value policies, like whole or universal life, in order to save for the future. Life insurance is not always the very best way to invest money, but it is handy to have a policy that does double duty as a type of an investment or savings vehicle.

You could offer to pay premiums now, and in return, use the cash value of the policy later. The child may need the money to pay for an education, start a business, or purchase a first home. You would be providing this valuable resource without having to come up with a big lump sum of cash! If the policy has grown a cash value, it can be cashed in or borrowed against.

If funds are tight, and you just want to buy life insurance, you may also be able to add a child or grandchild rider (option) onto an adult policy. This may give the child some of the benefits of having his or her own policy.

Life insurance is a thoughtful gift for a grandchild. Instead of buying the latest video game or electronic gadget, you could be giving somebody you love a lifetime of coverage and more financial security.
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