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Signs of the PUBG Game will be on the PS4

Signs of the PUBG Game will be on the PS4 - During this time the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) game was limited to the Xbox One console, PC and smartphone. But it seems like soon this popular battleroyale game will soon be visiting the PlayStation 4.

This is evident from the video game content rating page in South Korea. South Korea's Game Rating Administration Committee (GRAC) is known to have rated and determined the player's age limit for the Battleground PlayerUnknown game.

The rating is then affixed right next to the description "PS4 console". This is where the powerful battleroyale genre game is expected to be released soon for the PlayStation 4 console.

Quoted by KompasTekno from Gamespot on Thursday (09/20/2018), of course this will be a major change for PUBG game developers, considering that so far the PUBG games mentioned will continue to be exclusive on the Xbox One console.

Very reasonable indeed if Bluehole Studio as the parent of the PUBG game developer wants this game to be present in every platform considering its heavy rival Fortnite is already present on the PS4 console, Xbox One, Mac, to the Nintendo Switch.

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So far the PUBG game has been played by more than 400 million people. This figure is very fantastic because it can be achieved in a period of about one year.

In July PUBG Corp. announced that it had sold around 50 million copies of PUBG games for the Xbox One and PC consoles. Then more than 350 million players came from mobile devices.

If it is true that PUBG will be released for the PS4 console, it does not rule out the number of players will continue to increase each month. And this of course becomes a huge revenue opportunity for the company.Previously the gesture PUBG will present on the PS4 console has also been seen some time later.

In a 1-minute video released by PUBG Corp, there was a PS4 Pro at one of the developer tables. This also seems to be an important sign of the presence of PUBG on the PS4 console.

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