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Sony Introduces PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, The Price

Sony Introduces PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, The Price - This week, almost three years after the first appearance of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony inaugurated two additional variants of the popular game console,

The first variant is the PlayStation 4 Pro (formerly known as Neo), while the second variant is a thinner version of the original PS4.

As the name implies, PS4 Pro is part of the PS4 game console family. Only, it is capable of delivering 4K and HDR video output because it is equipped with more powerful hardware than the original PS4.

PS4 Pro is not intended to blur the line between generations of consoles. The goal is to elevate the PS4 experience to new levels, said Sony PS4 Chief Architect, Mark Cerny, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Verge, Thursday (8/9/2016).

Inside, the PS4 Pro is equipped with a new GPU with 4.2 teraflop performance, as well as an updated AMD Jaguar CPU to support 4K, HDR and Virtual Reality (VR) functions.

PS4 Pro, which has a standard hard drive capacity of 1 TB, is claimed by Sony to have twice the performance of the original PS4.

PS4 Pro prices are set at around US $ 399 (Rp. 5.2 million). This device will be launched on the market on 10 November.

PlayStation 4 Slim

The second new variant, PS4 Slim, has a slimmer physical form than the original PS4 console. The concept is similar to Xbox One S which is a version of the Xbox One tips.PS4 slim also comes with a new style DualShock 4 controller with a light line that is now visible from the front.

Sony claims that the physical PS4 slim is 30 percent smaller than the original PS4, while its power consumption is 28 percent more efficient.

PS4 Slim eliminates the optical audio jack port on the back. Other cosmetic changes include more space for US connectors on the front side.

In addition to some of the changes above, PS4 slim specifications are the same as the original PS4. This console also provides a choice of 500 GB and 1 TB hard drive capacity.

PS4 Slim will be sold at a price of 299 US dollars or around Rp 3.9 million when it starts sliding on September 15, coming. The plan, PS4 Slim will replace the original PS4 on the market.
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