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Thursday, November 22, 2018

When You Play Online Games, Without Consciousness 8 This Kindness You Will Get!

When You Play Online Games, Without Consciousness 8 This Kindness You Will Get!
Online-based games are indeed being loved in modern times. In fact, not only children play online games, but even teenagers and adults often play. However, on the other hand, various negative views are often made to gamers. They are considered to be people who fail to live real life, the impact is they run to cyberspace as their new world.

Because of the many negative assumptions, many people who do not know and do not want to know about the other effects of online gaming. Although it can cause addiction, in fact playing online games does not always have negative effects on humans. Online games also have significant benefits for real life. Well, here are 10 benefits of playing online games:

1. Playing online games is the easiest and fastest way to release stress after activities

Have you ever felt stress? For example after a day of work or a day working on college assignments. Well, playing online games can be one of the right means of entertainment when you are in a state of stress. Because basically the function of the game as a medium of entertainment, then, there is no harm in entertaining yourself with an entertaining game. Playing online games can be one way out of the stress that makes you stressful.

2. Who says playing online games makes you individualistic? Instead, playing online games forces you to learn teamwork

Some types of online games such as RTS (Real Time Strategy) and FPS (First Person Shooter) require solid teamwork to win a battle. In the Battle of Hasting game (game of war between Normandy and Saxon in Hasting) for example, where the player acts as a soldier or a general who is demanded to have a strong team work.

In this game players train their skills to negotiate, make decisions, do planning, and think strategically. In the real world, this is more value for gamers. Gamers can apply it to their social lives. For example when they have to work with a team / division, they can work in a team well to achieve a common goal.

3. In playing online games, losing is a normal thing. That's why you get used to being sportive in every game

Games in online games also indirectly have instilled the values ??of sportsmanship within them. They obey the rules of the game that have been applied. In addition, for gamers to lose and win is normal. Unconsciously they are educated so as not to be arrogant when they win and not to give up easily when they experience defeat.These values ??are very important in navigating the sea of ??life in the real world. Values ??that make a person become an individual who is always grateful in all things and never feels slumped when he falls.

4. Online games expose you to many choices, so you will get used to quickly making important decisions in every condition

In a game scenario, a gamer is always presented with various difficult choices that will affect the scenario in the game. Therefore, a gamer is required to analyze and predict the possibilities that occur and the risks faced when choosing an option. This analytical ability is very necessary in real life.

In fact, in this life there are always dilemma choices that we must choose. Like choosing which campus we will choose after graduating from high school, choosing what job suits our abilities, or maybe in choosing a moor. A gamer is like an organized visionary, always thinking far ahead when planning and making a decision.

5. Not only as a means of entertainment, playing online games can also be a good tool to sharpen your brain!

Believe it or not, playing games can improve cognitive abilities, you know! Isabela Granic, professor of Radbound University Nijmegen in the Netherlands, in her research said that playing games can improve the ability to navigate, think, remember, and receive new information.

Even a few years ago, the Daily Mail website revealed that playing Call of Duty will make players think about objects in three-dimensional space and create strategies.

6. If you pursue the hobby of playing online games properly and correctly, you can make it as a field of money

In the international world, some online games have been recognized as a sport called ESports (Electronic Sports). Every year, various countries send their best game athletes to participate in international game competitions. There are even some game developers that hold international competitions every three months, for example Dota2 and League of Legend.No half-hearted, for example in the International Dota2 tournament in 20014, prizes awarded were valued at $ 5 million USD or approximately equivalent to Rp. 60 billion. Very fast number isn't it? This is the reason why games can be a promising source of income. Playing games and making money, who doesn't want to?

7. You also have the opportunity to expand your friendship network through online games. You could even meet a mate here!

When playing online games we inevitably have to interact with other players. We must be willing to socialize to get a suitable partner / team, or just looking for a partner to chat, chat, and joke. Starting from chit-chat like that, you know that you get friends, business partners, even a girlfriend.

A Swedish youth named Felix Kjellberg got a beautiful woman named Marzia Bisognin from Italy. He revealed the beginning of the introduction to the beautiful woman because Marzia was a subscriber of her YouTube account. On youtube, Felix uploaded video recordings when he played games. Happy in the game world, happy too in the real world, beautiful isn't it?

8. Your knowledge becomes wider, because you will meet many people who are different in background, ethnicity, culture, and language

Playing online games means that we meet different types of players, whether different in race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or language. Whether you want it or not, happy or not happy, we must socialize with them.

That way online gaming can also be used as a medium for learning various cultures and even the languages ??used by other players. Even unconsciously we have learned to tolerate and appreciate differences.

Everything is useful if we always think positively, including playing online games. Playing games can make you addicted, but always remember that everything is not good when we do it excessively. So, what do you think? still consider playing online games not useful?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

VR Applications in Online Games and Spread in Indonesia

VR Applications in Online Games and Spread in Indonesia
The development of an era that was increasingly horrifying directing a life that was originally "katrok" became modern now artificial intelligence has replaced every human work.

This time I will discuss about the virtual reality that is currently being hot which has been applied in the online game section which is spelled out with graphics like entering the world of games before that game only with a grid box graph and can only be played with a few fingers and now it's a player can jump into the game room. Can Virtual Reality battle the line like most games ?? I will start from the history of VR

VR History (virtual reality)
Originally from 1972: General Electric developed the first computer simulator for aviation. Becoming 2018: About 5.2 million dollars will be disbursed in the consumption of virtual reality.

Understanding VR (Virtual Reality)
is a technology that allows users or users to interact with the environment in cyberspace simulated by a computer, so we feel we are in that environment

Can VR (Virtual Reality) be played online?
In this case vR is still developing a problem of how to unite various types of players in the same room and be limited by internet connection according to what is discussed there are multiplayer-based games using VR (Virtual Reality) but still require additional VR hardware HTC to play it

Distribution in Indonesia

There are at least 13 technology companies that develop VR and AR technology in Indonesia. Each with its own uniqueness, offers products for corporations, startups, and e-commerce services.

Besides Shinta VR, companies that develop VR and AR technology in Indonesia are Festivo, DCIMAJI, Magnate, ARnCO, Octagon Studio, Primetech, Avergo, Omni VR, Invoya, INVR, DAV, Varcode. All of these companies are currently members of the Indonesian VR / AR Association (INVRA).

"Together with Bekraf we have a plan to provide education and training to developers to the general public who are interested in VR and AR technology," said Andes.Although it is still dominated by China in terms of product distribution and technological development, Indonesia has great potential to develop VR and AR technology. With increasingly affordable product price choices, the Andes are optimistic that there will be more VR and AR developers in Indonesia.

So in the future VR can be enjoyed online and is still being developed slowly to prepare a game that makes online gamers glance at games that are still considered this expensive game and VR is getting familiar among Indonesian people who are still unfamiliar with artificial intelligence.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sony Introduces PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, The Price

Sony Introduces PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, The Price - This week, almost three years after the first appearance of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony inaugurated two additional variants of the popular game console,

The first variant is the PlayStation 4 Pro (formerly known as Neo), while the second variant is a thinner version of the original PS4.

As the name implies, PS4 Pro is part of the PS4 game console family. Only, it is capable of delivering 4K and HDR video output because it is equipped with more powerful hardware than the original PS4.

PS4 Pro is not intended to blur the line between generations of consoles. The goal is to elevate the PS4 experience to new levels, said Sony PS4 Chief Architect, Mark Cerny, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Verge, Thursday (8/9/2016).

Inside, the PS4 Pro is equipped with a new GPU with 4.2 teraflop performance, as well as an updated AMD Jaguar CPU to support 4K, HDR and Virtual Reality (VR) functions.

PS4 Pro, which has a standard hard drive capacity of 1 TB, is claimed by Sony to have twice the performance of the original PS4.

PS4 Pro prices are set at around US $ 399 (Rp. 5.2 million). This device will be launched on the market on 10 November.

PlayStation 4 Slim

The second new variant, PS4 Slim, has a slimmer physical form than the original PS4 console. The concept is similar to Xbox One S which is a version of the Xbox One tips.PS4 slim also comes with a new style DualShock 4 controller with a light line that is now visible from the front.

Sony claims that the physical PS4 slim is 30 percent smaller than the original PS4, while its power consumption is 28 percent more efficient.

PS4 Slim eliminates the optical audio jack port on the back. Other cosmetic changes include more space for US connectors on the front side.

In addition to some of the changes above, PS4 slim specifications are the same as the original PS4. This console also provides a choice of 500 GB and 1 TB hard drive capacity.

PS4 Slim will be sold at a price of 299 US dollars or around Rp 3.9 million when it starts sliding on September 15, coming. The plan, PS4 Slim will replace the original PS4 on the market.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Sony Insists Doesn't Open Cross-play Fortnite on PS4

Sony Insists Doesn't Open Cross-play Fortnite on PS4 - Unlike gamers Xbox One and Nintendo Switch that can join together to play popular games Fortnite (cross-play), the owners of PlayStation 4 (PS4) can only bite the fingers because Sony does not allow them to play with other console users .

In fact, gamers also can't use Fortnite accounts from PS4 to continue the game from another console (syncing), but are forced to create a new account. All kinds of achievements, items that have been purchased, etc., are not carried along and must be repeated from the beginning.

Sony is gaining a lot of scathing criticism regarding these restrictions. However, the PlayStation owner apparently remained unmoved.

In fact, in an interview at the IFA 2018 exhibition exhibition in Berlin, Germany, last week, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida reinforced the impression that PS4 gamers would forever be unable to join Fortnite with other console owners.

Regarding cross platform, our thinking is that PlayStation is always the best place to play. I believe that Fortnite, combined with PlayStation 4, will bring the best experience to users, said Yoshida.

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Interconsol cross-play itself is actually a new thing in the world of game consoles, but later began to bloom with the latest game titles. Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo (Switch) welcome cross-play with open arms, but Sony seems to still insist on playing alone.

Previously, in addition to Fortnite, Sony had also blocked cross-play in other games, such as the Rocket League and Minecraft, although both games could be played together by Xbox and Switch console owners.

Sony itself does not completely block Fortnite's cross-play on PS4. The console owners can still play together with Fortnite gamers on PC and mobile (iOS), but not with other game consoles. Yoshida argued Sony had its own consideration about this.We decide based on the best experience for users. That is our way of thinking to cross-platform, he concluded, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Verge, Thursday (6/9/2018).

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Signs of the PUBG Game will be on the PS4

Signs of the PUBG Game will be on the PS4 - During this time the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) game was limited to the Xbox One console, PC and smartphone. But it seems like soon this popular battleroyale game will soon be visiting the PlayStation 4.

This is evident from the video game content rating page in South Korea. South Korea's Game Rating Administration Committee (GRAC) is known to have rated and determined the player's age limit for the Battleground PlayerUnknown game.

The rating is then affixed right next to the description "PS4 console". This is where the powerful battleroyale genre game is expected to be released soon for the PlayStation 4 console.

Quoted by KompasTekno from Gamespot on Thursday (09/20/2018), of course this will be a major change for PUBG game developers, considering that so far the PUBG games mentioned will continue to be exclusive on the Xbox One console.

Very reasonable indeed if Bluehole Studio as the parent of the PUBG game developer wants this game to be present in every platform considering its heavy rival Fortnite is already present on the PS4 console, Xbox One, Mac, to the Nintendo Switch.

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So far the PUBG game has been played by more than 400 million people. This figure is very fantastic because it can be achieved in a period of about one year.

In July PUBG Corp. announced that it had sold around 50 million copies of PUBG games for the Xbox One and PC consoles. Then more than 350 million players came from mobile devices.

If it is true that PUBG will be released for the PS4 console, it does not rule out the number of players will continue to increase each month. And this of course becomes a huge revenue opportunity for the company.Previously the gesture PUBG will present on the PS4 console has also been seen some time later.

In a 1-minute video released by PUBG Corp, there was a PS4 Pro at one of the developer tables. This also seems to be an important sign of the presence of PUBG on the PS4 console.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Resident Evil 2 Released on PS4, Sure to Dare to Play Alone

Resident Evil 2 Released on PS4, Sure to Dare to Play Alone
The adventure of Leon who is looking for his sister in the crowd of Zombies in Racoon City is presented in HD format on the PS4. Are you sure you want to play Resident Evil 2 alone?

For fans of this video game, this one definitely can't wait for its presence in the High Definition (HD) Version next year. Yes! Resident Evil 2 will be released in January 2019 in HD format on some games such as PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Resident Evil 2 itself has existed since the time of PS One in 1998. Why do you have to remake it? Of course Capcom as a Developer has its own reasons to restore the romance of the game lovers of the horror genre, especially the sequels to Resident Evil to date.

How come? The reason is, several other sequels such as the first Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero, and Resident Evil 4 have been remake in the game console for HD (High Definition) image quality.

Even though there are no changes in the original storyline, the remake version of Resident Evil 2 looks darker and certainly more creepy. We can see a bit of the appearance in the trailer that has been shown on YouTube:

But, some differences try to add Capcom in Resident Evil 2. For example maps, types of weapons used, or also puzzles that are more difficult than the original version. Make you curious, right?

Indeed, there are not many who have sneered at the development of Resident Evil's storyline and gameplay to date. Many say the concept of a Resident Evil game is no longer Survival Horror, but it is an Action Shooter. Even so, there is something to know about the main story of Resident Evil!

The main story of Resident Evil is indeed Bio Weapon (Biological Weapon) in the form of Zombies or Monsters, in contrast to the story of The Walking Dead which is an outbreak that causes people to become zombies and still not known the main cause.

For those who have PS4, get ready to buy the game. How to play on PC? Sure you can, as long as your PC has the following specifications:Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-9590
Graphics card with 3GB VRAM or better
Direct X version 11

Actually there is still one more sequel that may need to be remake in high resolution format, namely Resident Evil 3: Nemesis which is also fairly successful since its appearance.

Coupled with a scary and difficult to defeat Nemesis figure, surely Capcom will consider reconciling Resident Evil 3 later on. Let's wait!

Friday, November 16, 2018

PS4 Will Be Able to Play PS1 and PS2 Games

PS4 Will Be Able to Play PS1 and PS2 Games - For those fans of PlayStation games, there are times when they want to nostalgically play old PlayStation games in the first era of their appearance. However, the limitations of available consoles and game CDs sometimes become obstacles.

When the PS4 starts to be marketed, it has also blown the news if the latest Sony game console will support the first and second generation PlayStation games, even through the emulation engine in it.

However, quoted from BGR (03/25/2014), according to sources at Sony, the company is currently trying to make the PS4 can be used to play PS1 and PS2 games, in Full HD 1080p graphics. But not all PS1 and PS2 games will be made, but some popular game titles.

The info leak came from Ahsan Rasheed (@ thuway) Twitter account, a person who has been in the gaming industry for a long time, and has provided useful tips about the world and the gaming industry.

The news was also in line with gossip circulating in January which said that classic PS games would be able to be played in PS4 emulation, separate from PlayStation Now game streaming services.

PS4 was previously criticized for not having backward compatibility capability. For this reason Sony provides PlayStation Now streaming game services for gamers who want to play PS3 games.

As for PS1 and PS2, Sony was reportedly having a strategy to add an emulation engine in the PS4.

"Sony's decision to use an emulation engine using PlayStation Now streaming is very interesting, because it is more suitable for gamers," said game industry observer Richard Leadbetter.

"By running the code on the local machine, Sony can provide a more enjoyable experience in terms of input latency and image quality, not to mention if you have to stream, users need large bandwidth," Leadbetter added.But the leak about this information has not been confirmed by Sony. If true, then at least Sony will announce PS4 support capabilities for the old PlayStation game at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, on June 10-12, 2014.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

PS4 vs. Xbox 720, who is the best

PS4 vs. Xbox 720, who is the best
There is an intriguing question when asked to console specialist gamers: which one is better, PS4 or Xbox 720?

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If the question is asked, of course there will be no answer. In fact, it will lead to a coachman debate among those who support PS4 with Xbox 720 fans.

However, if you can speculate a little, there are some things where both of these game consoles are capable of winning each other. Approximately, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

1. Processor

When viewed from the 'brain', the PS4 reportedly will be equipped with an AMD Jaguar processor with an 8-core x86-64 power. In addition, this rumor device is also armed with an 8GB RAM GDDR5.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 720 also does not want to be outdone by an processor with the same power, 8-core AMD and is armed with 8 GB RAM. The power generated is the same as the PS4.

However, with the available resources, Microsoft seems to be able to outperform this round by providing better graphics. The question is, can they?

2. Social AbilityThere is one thing Sony can at least be proud of in this battle, namely its social networking features. Through a share button, users can share their experiences about games on PS4 with other players.

This is what the Microsoft team hasn't thought of yet. Whether you realize it or not, the Xbox doesn't seem to want to compete with the PS4 in this case either.

3. Storage and download

Once again, Sony is able to be one step ahead of its rival Microsoft in the world of game consoles. This is considering Sony's technology that PS4 players can play the game even though they haven't finished downloading.

While what about the Xbox 720? although it hasn't been confirmed yet, it would be very futile if Microsoft also didn't implement this.

The conclusion?

Although it seems that the PS4 is capable of being slightly superior to the Xbox 720, it is rather difficult to determine who the winner is. This is because the Xbox 720 specifications are still very secretive of Microsoft.

If both have been launched, it will be very objective in determining who is the best.

Source: [nvl]

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Price of PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, newest and used 2018

Price of PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, newest and used 2018
Sony's top-notch gaming console with the name of the fourth-generation PS4 or PlayStation is one of the best-selling consoles in the world.


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Currently Sony has spawned a lot of PlayStation generations, even for PS4 only has 3 variants, namely the standard PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. PS4 Pro was created as a successor to the previous series, Sony Playstation 4. A number of real upgrades exist in this latest series. Starting from a faster CPU processor, a more powerful graphics chip to a more spacious memory space. All of these aspects certainly provide maximum comfort for gamers when playing their favorite games.

Not only does it improve technical performance, Sony also updates the physical appearance of the PS4 Pro. This device is made with more friendly action buttons. The sensitivity of the button is also made more accurate in order to minimize various accidental touches. In general, the PS 4 Pro form is also different from PS 4. This new console has a design that looks three layers. On PS 4 there are only two layers.

Sony PS4 Pro 2018

Sony aligns the Sony Playstation 4 Pro with the development of today's television technology that has far surpassed HD quality. PS 4 Pro is equipped with 4K resolution capability. Games like 'The Last of Us Remastered', 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare', 'Rez Infinite' and 'Infamous Second Son' are a list of games that will give maximum sensation when played in 4K resolution. For some games, you can even try the sensation of HDR features.

As you know, the PS4 is not just a console, it's like a 'Siri' assistant in the realm of gaming. Through this device, you can synchronize the game library on the previous PS4. This device also optimizes the existence of streaming services that have been widely present lately. You can watch favorite movies or series by streaming from this console with maximum resolution. Watching Netflix offerings in 4K visual format will spoil your eyes. No more need to rely on Blu-ray drives!

Interesting right? This of course is inseparable from the technological advances that make Sony's top-notch game consoles the best in its class.So what about the price of PS4? Is that expensive? We will discuss it in detail below.

Price of PS4 Pro 2018

The price of PS4 Pro 2018 has dropped from the price in 2017. If in 2017 the PS4 price touches the figure of Rp. 6 million, then the price of PS4 2018 is Rp. 5,679,900. Not until touching Rp. 6 million.

Sony PS4Pro 2018

The price tag of the PS4 in that number is quite reasonable considering that this device provides 4K screenshoots! This will make rival gamers jealous when they see screenshots of games that you have completed perfectly.

Whether you are a fan of old school games like 'The Last of Us' or a fan of a number of cult games such as 'Uncharted 4', the PS 4 Pro is an awesome console. It will be perfect if you include 4K HDR TV.

PS4 Slim price

When compared with the two siblings, (PS 4 and PS 4 Pro), the Playstation Slim 4 device made by Sony has a much slimmer body. The youngest has a thickness of only 3.9 cm. The regular PS 4 is 5.3 cm thick. Whereas PS 4 Pro is in fact measuring 5.5 cm.

PS4 Slim prices will certainly be cheaper. But before touching the PS4 Slim price, let's discuss what and how the specifications of the PS4 Slim.In addition to its physical form, Playstation Slim 4 gets improvements to the buttons. If previously the console device button was felt to be too sensitive, Sony reviewed the key composition better. There are not many improvements that Sony presents on the Playstation Slim 4. This console device has a high dynamic range (HDR) feature, but this feature actually also already existed on PS 4.

One prominent increase in the inside of the Playstation Slim 4 is the mechanical side. This console has a machine that works smoother without making a lot of noise. There's almost no hiss when you play a disc or watch a series on Netflix.

If you don't have a desire that is too big to play hardcore games, then this device is a good choice. After all, Playstation Slim 4 is smaller, lighter, smooth and certainly also cheaper than PS 4 or PS 4 Pro.

Sony PS4 Slim 2018

If you are still uncertain, there are three things that can be considered to make choices, namely:
1. If you already have a PS4 device before, then you can ignore PS 4 Slim. Actually there is no meaningful difference between the two, it's only a matter of case size where the Playstation Slim 4 is smaller.
2. If you want to find a console that is really fresh from Sony, then choose PS 4 Pro. There are a number of meaningful improvements to the console, such as graphics and hard drives.
3. As we mentioned in the previous subtitle, this device will not be maximal if you do not accompany it with an HDR feature TV. So if you don't want to spend more money, then play the Slim Playstation.

The price of PS4 Slim is divided into two. This is due to the variant of the PS4 Slim which certainly affects the PS4 Slim price.
1. PS4 SLim 500GB price: IDR 3,650,000
2. PS4 Slim 1TB price: IDR 4,999,000

Used PS4 prices

Used PS4 prices for this year are still at a fairly high point. From the standard PS4 price tag of Rp. 4,580,000, the price of used PS4 is still in the range of Rp. 3,500,000 to 3,700,000.

Sony PS4 2018 Extremetech.comBut, you should be able to make sure before buying a used PS4. Because all electronic items that have the title 'used' mostly have problems. Even though not all of them are troubled. But mostly it is. So you have to be more careful.

Used PS4 Pro prices

As is known, the price of PS4 Pro is now at Rp. 5,679,900. But the price of the former PS4 Pro is still relatively high. It's nothing, this is because the PS4 Pro is still newly launched as an accessory of a conventional PS4 or PS4 Fat, or a standard PS4, or whatever it is called.

The price of a used PS4 Pro is Rp. 4,500,000 to Rp. 4,700,000 depending on the conditions of the PS4 Pro console. [ega]

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Online Games, There Are Crimes Behind Hobbies

Online Games, There Are Crimes Behind Hobbies
Online games, the type of game in the virtual world that can be reached by everyone from all countries without limits and time. Various types of games are offered such as: Point Blank, Cross fire, Dragon Nest, Lost Saga, Ayo Dance and others.

All games offered provide exceptional entertainment or hobbies. In fact, in the famous Point Blank type game, indulge gamers (fans of online games) with the rank system like in the military world. The higher the rank of the gamer, the more they will be respected or respected in the online game world.

Don't be surprised, to get to the rank of General it will take years. Sometimes if gamers have reached the rank of high or general, they can sell that rank to someone else. Of course with lucrative money. What a fascinating world for anyone (read: all ages).

My friend said, it turned out that the online gaming business network was more powerful than the telecommunications business. Whether it's true or not. But logically, for me it really is. In online games many items or game characters are sold like buying top up credits. Moreover, new types of games and online game competitions are often launched.

I understand very well that the types of games offered in online games can provide benefits, a sense of satisfaction or channel hobbies. Online game stall entrepreneurs are also able to reap profits up to tens of millions per month. In other words, as a lucrative business field.

Online games are able to make a person or child smart in practicing thinking patterns, reflexes. As well as online games can be a place to make money by participating in various events or matches. There are also those who sell items and characters in the game.

But behind the delicious side of online games, there are various negative impacts. Keep in mind the positive side of online games is smaller than the negative side. I witnessed elementary school children on their own after school playing online games in an online game stall (violent / war characters) turned into very mature people.

They play it screaming and are sometimes balanced with dirty words (the inhabitants of the animal kebon come out all this). In fact, sorry the words related to diumbar sexuality are so free and straightforward. What a reality that makes me stroke my chest. Children mature faster before their age.

On holidays or weeks, online game stalls near my residence have a tremendous impact in understanding the speed of time. Early in the morning, for fear of going out with someone else (not getting a seat), the children would queue at the online game shop 2 hours before opening. Even though it was still dark. Extraordinary!!And the facts prove, being addicted to playing online games is also able to make children lazy to learn or understand the lessons in school. They are more concerned with games in online games compared to re-learning lessons that have been taught in school.

Addicted to playing online games like addiction to narcotics. We understand that addiction can lead to crime. The problem is, when the child wants to play online games and has no money, then the child will do everything possible, including crime (crime).

The crime of online gaming can be proven as revealed by the Sahabat Kapas Foundation Coordinator, Dian Sasmita ( saying that in 2012 in the past six months, in Surakarta (Central Java) there were seven children who committed theft in order to play online game. This is caused by sepertianak who want to continue the game even though they have no money. Finally the release, the child can be motivated to commit a crime such as stealing.

I once saw an event on a private television station that explored the dark side of online gaming. Children dare to steal money or jewelry from their parents just to play online games for hours until they forget to eat and get enough sleep. Even though tomorrow, they have to go to school. Because many online game stalls are open 24 hours.

Addiction to online games also makes children isolated. Because they spend hours in front of a computer screen to play online games. Their lifestyle sometimes mimics what is seen in online games. Like, they began to dare to parents (denied, did not hear his orders and others). What is more terrible is the waste of money because they want to sacrifice everything they have, from pocket money, school needs until their favorite things can be sold.

So, let's open our eyes that responding to online games wisely will prevent our children from committing crime. Watching our children from the impact of crimes caused by online gaming is the best step before it happens.

Online game play is not wrong. Because behind online games there are multiple benefits and satisfaction. What's wrong is if we get addicted that is hard to stop. The desire to play online games is finally out of common sense. No money is available, crime is finally committed. To quote the words that are often spoken by Sutan Bathoegana's commentary, namely: horrifying horror! It's really fun online games, but really horrified the impact. Greetings Indonesia!


Monday, November 12, 2018

Online Games, Make Money or Spend Money

Online Games, Make Money or Spend Money
lately online games have become a spotlight for game lovers. do not know age or time. where you mean you can access it. but the pros and cons are polemic for some if the online game is actually spending or making money?

we talk from the side of the cons of online games. many people say online games are time-consuming. waste of money. The point is that online games in Indonesia consume too much blasphemy on ordinary people who don't really understand what the online game itself is. the contra themselves are mostly parents who feel their children are wasting their study time. spend their money on something less productive. we can't apply this opinion wrong. because all parents want the best for their children. for parents maybe they see that the game is just a game that takes time. but it really isn't.

switch us to the pro with online games. for them games are not just entertainment. but maybe there are some who consider that online gaming can also be made a good hobby with its limitations. some who consider online games can be their escape when they have trouble living life. some say online games are a hobby. hobbies that can be made income even though the income is not large and in an uncertain period. and some of the things that I experienced when playing one of the online games were many things in it. where the contra does not know this. I take the example of a game that is rising again in the world. namely DOTA 2. in this game there is an implicit meaning that can be a moral value for the player who is not just playing. first, because this game uses an international server, inevitably any player must use the international language, namely English. later in this game teaches we must work with anyone who becomes our teammate to achieve certain goals. can be made a philosophy of life that we live not alone and need help from others and must work together with an environment that we can consider new in our lives.

then if we talk about online games that make money or spend money, it depends on the point of view and the online game players. if allowed to share, I will share a little of my experience with online games. I play online games from class 2 junior. maybe at that time I played like a child, just playing and continuing to play. As time goes by after being quite experienced in this field I understand online games can make money and return the money I spent first and even make more money so I get a profit.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Online Games An Overview of the Social, Psychological and Economic Implications Faced by Game Players

Online Games An Overview of the Social, Psychological and Economic Implications Faced by Game Players
* The game context referred to in this paper is video-games, then it will be focused on the computer-games and internet-games (online-games) section. For some people playing games is a fun activity. Some may place game play activities as activities that are only done to fill time or even kill time. Many motives underlying people play games but the reason that often arises is to seek long pleasure. In some cases, there are many evidences that game players have a tendency to become addicted to the game they play. The addictive phase of playing games is a situation where a player will be very difficult to escape from the game. Game addiction itself can be defined as losing control in playing games that can cause significant losses (van Rooij, 2011: 16). At this stage, many of the game players are negligent with real life because they are too involved in the game and indeed some games are deliberately constructed to tie someone into a long game session. This view was further strengthened by the emergence of massive and interactive online computer-based games [1]. In addition, the mushrooming of online game play centers (game centers) is also considered as one of the factors that encourage players to become addicted, especially since these online game centers offer relatively affordable rental fees. The general view in the community about games and online game players is always pessimistic and negative. Communities (especially parents) always place the game and its players in bad stigma, because according to them the game can have a bad influence on the players. There are parents' concerns that computer games will lead children to deviant social behaviors such as violence, uncontrolled sex, and the birth of antisocial behavior such as isolation and alienation (Syafrizal, 2004: 9). Too much time spent playing games can interfere with school, work, and social life in the real world. That's why online game games are often paired with people who gamble because both are opium (Van Rooij, 2011: 97). There is one point where the stigma that emerges then creates an irony in the community because until now there has been no evidence that is comprehensively able to explain people's anxiety about the negative social consequences. In some cases, this controversy has become ironic, because parents have never played computer games or video games, never watched or accompanied their children to play. Limitations of information in understanding children's behavior in playing computer games are the key words of the problem (Syafrizal, 2004: 10-11) Another consequence that must be faced by a game player when he reaches the addiction stage is the emergence of the potential for depression. Medsearch (2004) in Seay (2006) explains;

Depression is a mental state of depressed mood characterized by feelings of sadness, despair and discouragement. This disorder of mood can range from normal feelings of the blues through dysthymia (recurring minor depression with no mania or major depressive episodes) to major depression. Depression is often accompanied by feelings of low self esteem, guilt and self reproach, withdrawal from interpersonal contact and physical symptoms such as eating and sleep disturbances.

This depression can arise from acts of isolation carried out by game players against the environment and or the community that surrounds them. There are three indicators to explain the position of a person who is indicated to start experiencing depression, first is the extent of the player's social network (social networks size), the second is acceptance of social support (perceived social support), and the third is loneliness (loneliness). These three factors seem to be explained by Seay (2006: 56) as part of social integration [2]. The extent of the player's social network (social networks size) describes how social relationships are built by game players with the surrounding community such as their relationship with family, friends or co-workers, and with the community they follow. Acceptance of social support (perceived social support) explains the players' subjective assumptions about the availability of interpersonal support from their social networks. Loneliness explains how much support from the environment around game players. This concept explains the opposite where when the state of support for it is a little, it will automatically feel alienated and lonely. When a game player feels that parts of social integration begin to disappear from him, tendencies

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Online game

Online game
By: Reti Sufarni

Faculty of Islamic Law and philosophy, sociology of Religion, UIN Ar-Raniry, Darussalam, Banda Aceh

The rapid development of the world towards modernization makes technology more sophisticated. Games that were traditional in the past, have now become electronic. This electronic game can be done indoors, so without requiring to leave the house to do it. There are so many electronic games found. Electronic games supported by network systems such as x-box, nitendo, playstation, PC games. There are also games with different places and very far range, such as online games.

Online games may have been very well known in the community, this game itself has been played in various circles both among the children, young people, men and women are now used to being seen in the eyes. Online games have developed in communities that are now very well known with games that are so attractive that teenagers and children are increasingly interested in the online game.

It cannot be denied that online games themselves have become bored time friends of the children, because at the time of the gap playing games is the main choice for teenagers and children today. Examples of online games that are more trending now, such as "Mobile Legends" now many devotees, many of them play this game, by consuming a low internet quota, its users increasingly like this online game. On every cellphone or called an android / gadget cell phone, it's easy to find, just by downloading the app on play store, it's now easy to access by users. Online games are very promising, because why online games have many enthusiasts.

Online game fans are now almost all over the country and the world. The online game itself is very much in the range depending on the user's preference to play it. Actually playing games with a lot of negative effects such as forgetting time and lack of association or often called lack of socializing / mingling with other friends, it is clear that many of them spend free time in internet cafes rather than socializing with their peers.

In addition to online games in internet cafes now ordinary games can be played by those who like jelly games without using the internet network, with the android on hand now users can access ordinary games without having the internet network quota at all. This adds to a lot of users increasingly like the world of this game. The game itself becomes a preoccupation that can be felt by the user's soul. Games can be used at any time and anywhere without restrictions for users. Now the game itself is easy to meet without the slightest difficulty to access it. Making it easier for them to use the game easily without having to leave the house again.

Now, online games are more and more interested in their daily activities, the children arrived home from school immediately to the nearest cafe to go play games. This shows that online games are so much in the interest of young people. Many of them prefer playing games rather than learning, now they prefer playing games rather than making friends with friends around them.

The rise of online games is now the game makers are increasingly developing new ideas to get as much profit as possible so that the game sellers increasingly benefit and make our next generation more fall and get slumped. Thus causing many victims of online games that are negligent with the time they have.Now there are no more generations that make them become like childhood first, the games are very traditional, challenging, the presence of togetherness and socialization are so strong, so that the first experience with experience is now very different. In the past, children like to play hide-and-seek, playing jump ropes, pato catfish, bamboo cannons and so on. Togetherness is more attached, experience is much more fun and exciting than now. If now parents prefer to buy gadgets and other electronic media tools without thinking about what the future causes are like.

Parents should prioritize children's movements so as not to spend time playing online games at home. Because socialization is necessary and important for the future of the child too. The game is like an opium that will continue to want to try and try so as to make the child's brain focus on playing games rather than playing with friends in the real world.

now online games also become one of the modern children's hobbies like now. So it would be better if parents pay more attention to the environment than to spend time on their own. the role of parents to pay attention to children's behavior and educate them correctly.

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Online Game Phenomenon

Online Game Phenomenon
[id = "attachment_228165" align = "aligncenter" width = "450" ??caption = ""] [/ caption] Maybe many of our friends in social media like Facebook sometimes have a link for us to join the online game. And even so, even though I have never clicked on a link. It's not like games but I prefer playing offline games. It's good to be able to play at any time without being bothered by an internet connection. Now, 2 days ago accounting work was a little, so my boss told me to do a market reseacr about online games. The main thing is all about online gaming, from companies, business prospects in Indonesia, problems and solutions, complete pokonya investments. It seems like he wants to do business and investment to make a game maker company. Two days of playing online games I found out that online games were like real life. There is life, love, money, market, economy, inflation, and so on. All online games are managed by a president (Game Master). To the game master, all users complain about the online game if the middle of the road encounters obstacles. Online games also have many streams. There are music, war, adventure, anime and much more. Terms in online games are also foreign to me such as cheats, cheaters, cash, GM, party, guild, war, archon, economic value (changes in Dalant-Gold exchange rate, auction, sale / purchase price of goods) and so on. In online games there are also buying and selling transactions using game money. Even in Korea, there are also transactions with real money. Transfer each other like fellow users. However, because there are a lot of disadvantages, the government prohibits and there are laws regarding the prohibition of buying and selling in real terms. Just use game money. If the mechanism might depend on the type of online game, yeah. In Indonesia, the game maker company has around 70 companies. Wow, lots too. The majority of foreign companies. For local games, it's a bit because of the interest in capital. They (foreign companies) say they find great opportunities in Indonesia. Because of the large country, large population and also the development of technology such as smartphones, gadgets are increasingly developing. So you can play games via cellphone. Not only for the upper class. The lower class can also buy it at a very affordable price. How come it feels like damaging the nation's generation. What happens if all Indonesian children are addicted to online games. Can be dangerous. Finally after market research, I explained to my boss what it is, why would I want to invest in this business, mending to another one hehe ... and until now there has been no response or just a discourse about game maker business. Happy ... Playing online games also has a negative and positive side. So you must think first to play the online game. If you just fill your spare time just go ahead. Here are the negative and positive sides: The negative impact of playing online games is: Sisalal relationship with friends, family becomes tenuous because their shared time is greatly reduced. Our association is only in online games, making online game addicts isolated from friends and real social environments. And game addicts are very difficult to connect with others because they only socialize in the gaming world.

Psychologically, our minds are constantly thinking about the game we are playing. We find it difficult to concentrate on studies, work, frequent absenteeism or avoiding work. Makes us indifferent, indifferent, less concerned about things that are happening around us. Doing anything in order to play games, like lying, stealing money, anything will be done for online gaming.
Positive impact of playing online games:
The positive side depends on the online game. For example, virtual socialization without limited space, knows the characteristics of each person better. This will not come from physical socialization which is limited by space and time, although physical friends have also varied. Train Cooperation, this is for games like a team. Train sportsmanship. If you lose, lose. Only for this one, quite a lot of people take shortcuts: cheats. And one positive benefit of all online games is to eliminate real-world stress.
So, actually the adverse or not problem returns to his own person, how he responds to online games. Even so, adults can also give information to children about online games, so that there will not be cases like the above. The problem is, we tend to seek blame rather than blame ourselves
Greetings Online Game
Source: 1. 2., Cempaka Putih, 20-02-2013

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Online Game Addiction to Teens and Wise Ways to Act

Online Game Addiction to Teens and Wise Ways to Act
Online games, or games that are accessed using the internet network, have developed rapidly and are popular with many people, including teenagers. In the usage limit that is not excessive, online gaming can basically be said as a means of entertainment or leisure time activities. However, there are also online game players who have difficulty controlling their playing habits to become addiction / addiction.

The phenomenon of online game addiction has been investigated in various countries, including in Indonesia. A 2013 publication in the Public Library of Science One journal (PLoS ONE) written by educational psychologists, Dr. Sri Tiatri, along with colleagues from Tarumanagara University, showed that 10.5 percent or as many as 150 people out of a total of 1,477 samples of junior and senior high school students who were active playing online games in four cities in Indonesia (Manado, Medan, Pontianak and Yogyakarta) were declared experiencing online game addiction .

Still as part of the research conducted by Dr. Sri Tiatri and her colleagues, playing online games basically can bring positive benefits, for example opening up opportunities to get to know many friends from other parts of the world through the internet, and can be a means of practicing pleasant English.

However, on the other hand, when it leads to addiction, playing online games can have a negative impact. For the past few years to date, for example, there have been reports of school skipping behavior until theft committed by junior and senior high school students in Indonesia because of the desire to play online games that are unstoppable. The stealing behavior is forced to do because they need money to play online games at the cafe.

Psychologists / psychiatrists can conduct an examination and provide a diagnosis of addiction to online / internet gaming games based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-V (DSM-V) criteria, which is if they meet at least 5 symptoms from the following symptom sets over a 12-month period:
1. The mind is constantly focused on online games
2. Feeling anxious, not calm, or sad when you can't play online games
3. There is a need to increase the length of time playing online games
4. Failed when trying to control the desire to play online games
5. Loss of interest to engage in hobbies or other entertainment activities, except online games themselves.
6. Continuing the habit of playing online games despite being aware of the psychosocial problems caused by online gaming behavior.
7. Lying about the behavior of playing online games (frequency and duration) to family members, therapists, or other people.
8. Play online games to escape negative feelings
9. The behavior of playing online games threatens or has lost the relationship / work / education.

Professionally handled

Online game addiction that tends to be severe and has been very disturbing should be handled by psychologists / psychiatrists who do have clinical competence to handle the case. This is important to note, especially because on the field it is often found that online game addiction in adolescents turns out to be closely related to other problems, such as family problems, so those who experience it need to be addressed comprehensively.

Apart from the handling carried out by professionals in the field of mental health, the fact that the high number of online game addiction in teenagers in Indonesia is certainly worrying and needs attention from various other parties. Parents and teachers in this case can be a line that can work together to monitor and overcome online game addiction in adolescents.

In dealing with online game addiction, beforehand it needs to be understood in advance that addiction is a condition that arises and develops slowly, so that its countermeasures cannot be done in the blink of an eye.Handling online game addiction requires a process that demands business consistency from those who experience the addiction itself, along with the support and supervision of those closest to them. For example, parents can design an agreement on the deadline for playing online games per day for their children, by agreeing also on the negative consequences if violated and positive consequences if obeyed. This strategy can also be accompanied by the effort to move the computer to the living room so that playing time can be truly supervised.

In addition, there are also preventive efforts that can be done in general, starting with providing education to those who experience addiction regarding online game addiction itself and the accompanying negative impacts, to provide alternative activities for them.

Alternative activities need to be designed to have criteria that can create a sensation similar to playing online games, but of course within reasonable limits, so that alternative activities will not be the object of new addiction!

Playing online games can provide a drifting experience or flow, and create curiosity and challenge in the players to make them unable to stop playing. Therefore, providing alternative activities that can accommodate these characteristics, accompanied by adequate supervision, can be a powerful strategy to reduce online game addiction.

In school, examples of alternative activities can be realized in the form of organizing photography / videography activities and regular sports tournaments. Thus, the time that was originally used to play online games can be transferred to this alternative activity. Meanwhile, at home, parents can think about and discuss alternative activities that are more adaptable to their teenagers' interests.

Last but not least, in responding to online game addiction in adolescents, as much as possible avoid labeling them as recalcitrant teenagers who cannot be regulated, because it is not uncommon to find that they really want to quit, but are not successful. Therefore, of course, embracing and helping them out slowly dispel their addiction can be the best choice of attitude.

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KPAI values students bring sharply when the brawl impacts often play online games

KPAI values students
The phenomenon of student brawls in various regions feels tough to eliminate. Police efforts began from routine patrols, sharp weapons raids, to arresting the sellers as if not reducing the brutal actions of the children of that age.

Police chased alumni of puppet masterminds in Kebayoran Lama because 1 died
This is how sadistic the student brawls in Kebayoran Lama killed one person
Before the brawl in Kebayoran Lama, students don't drink alcohol, bring it sharp and hard water

The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) continues to highlight brawl habits from year to year. Now the game of violence is also considered to be one indicator of the students desperate to enliven the brutal action among them.

KPAI commissioner Rita Pranawati said, basically the brawl departed from the self-concept of students who were indeed in the formation period. In this age of internet and easy access to playing games like now, cyberspace needs attention.

"So the virtual world is very influential. For example, playing games is very easy to hit, kill, and so on. But there is a spare life. While in real life there is no spare life. Actually, playing games also eliminates empathy, eliminates preference. social, and that becomes a problem, "Rita said when contacted by, Thursday (2/8).

According to Rita, the game itself is indeed a deeply ingrained culture among students. He admitted, basically there was no firm research stating the significance of the game against the brawl that never went away. However, it remains important to be seen as one of the indicators that influence violent behavior.

"Because it is ingrained in behavior patterns, and can cause aggression," he explained.

At his age, students are also considered to be seeking more sensations by engaging in brawls. Without thinking, they hope to look cool, macho, and brave. There is a certain satisfaction that should be channeled through other, more positive activities.

"Sometimes he is not really willing to kill lives, so just looking for sensation, not thinking long. This means that there is a part of the problem from the caregiving context," said Rita.The matter of parenting, the family environment was also led to attention. Starting from taking care of the child so as not to carelessly go out at night, to permit the use of the vehicle in their situation that is not quite old enough.

"For example, the night should have children at home, but then the parents let the child not at home even go away. The junior high school riding the motorbike is also not justified. This means that the role of parents also determines, this child can play motorbikes and so on it is very influential the actual situation of the child. So it's too loss with the rules, "he explained.

Brawl is also called part of bullying. It's just being more brutal because of the use of sharp weapons in it. Therefore, education from all parties such as families, schools, and the community environment needs to be synergized.

Responding around is not only the duty of police officers who routinely patrol. People need to be alert when they see young people who are gathered without any indication of positive activity in it.

"If they have a positive activity, the energy will be absorbed there. While most of the perpetrators are fun and looking for sensations. That is actually problematic," Rita stressed.

Reporter: Nanda Perdana
Source: [rhm]

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Konami Proud of PES 2018 Compared at the Asian Games

Konami Proud of PES 2018 Compared at the Asian Games
JAKARTA, - The 2018 Asian Games marked the first time that eSports sports a place in the sporting event. There are 6 game titles that are competed in the eSports branch, one of which is the football game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018 made by Konami.

According to Takayuki Kurumada, Konami's Deputy Division Director of Promotion Planning Division, the entry of 2018 PES at the Asian Games is a special achievement for Konami. Moreover, PES 2018 is the only eSports with the sports genre competed.

Although the form is still in the form of competition for demonstrations, Konami stated that it is ready to fully support both technical and non-technical aspects for the smooth running of this tournament.

"PES 2018 is the only game played in this 2018 Asian Games demonstration tournament. Of course this is a pride. In fact, when it was first announced, I continued to get congratulations from various PES communities in the world," said Takayuki in a discussion at Senayan area, Jakarta, Friday (08/24/2018).

He added that this achievement made Konami want to continue to boost the popularity of eSports so that more enthusiasts will form athletes who excel.

"Konami had visited the PES community in several countries including Indonesia. After talking to the community in Indonesia, we were inspired to make the competition bigger and we will support it," he continued. GITO YUDHA PRATOMO Takayuki Kurumada, Konami Deputy Division Director of Promotion Planning Division
Indonesia participates

PES 2018 was chosen as one of the games competed in eSports after receiving various considerations. According to Chairman of the Indonesian eSport Association, Eddy Lim, the selection of this game is indeed through several conditions. One of them is the popularity that is evenly distributed throughout the tournament participating countries.

"There are several conditions, but all are determined by the international federation. One of them is that the game must have many players from the participating countries. This is to be fair. Don't let one game that turns out to be unpopular in one of the participating countries," said Eddy Lim in the same opportunity.In this Asian Games demonstration tournament, 2018 PES was attended by 8 countries in Asia, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Japan, India and Indonesia. These eight countries are made in two different groups.

The match method is that there are three games in one match. First is one on one (1 v 1), then two on two (2 v 2) and last one on one again (1 v 1).

Indonesia itself took down a team for this 2018 PES game. This team contains two players, Elga Cahya Putra and Setia Widianto.

PES 2018 will begin competing on 26 August to 1 September 2018.

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Is PS4 Pro Worth Buying

Is PS4 Pro Worth Buying
Some time ago Sony announced their latest console, PS4 PRO. On September 8, 2016 the official Twitter account from Playstation Europe tweeted, "Introducing the super-charged # PS4PRO, delivering the sharpest gaming experiences ever seen. #PlayStationMeeting". There are 2 versions of PS4, PS4 slim and PS4 PRO, here are the official prices.

When viewed from the price above, the price for the PS4 PRO that will be sold in Indonesia ranges from 5-6 million, not much different from the PS4 prices currently circulating. But the PS4 Pro can play at 4k resolution, but it's not pure upscale to 4K but uses techniques that can sharpen the image so that it approaches 4K. Then on the PS4 Pro there is an HDR mode whose function is to more detail the shadow and light. Certainly playing on the graph and 4K resolution will break after all.

Then, there is a slim PS4 that costs four to four hundred million if sold in Indonesia. Cheaper $ 100 than the Pro version, the advantages of the PS4 Slim from the old PS4 version are cooler. If the old PS4 we play for a long time will like heat, then in this slim version it's cooler or cool. Whereas the lack of PS4 slim is that there is no optical audio output, which makes it unable to be connected with a sound system device.

Is the PS4 Pro worth buying?

If, judging from the price range of 5-6 million you can enjoy 4K. Compare that with PC builds of 5-6 million, can you play 4k games? It's difficult to compare a PC with a Console, but that's a little picture in terms of PS4 Pro hardware. Another consideration is the Hype of the PS4 Pro launch, it's normal, right? instead it tends to be cricket, cricket, and there's no sensation.

Then, can this PS4 Pro last long? what is the game's ecosystem? Maybe we can wait for the latest reviews while waiting for PS4 Pro to be available at GS Shop in your city. If you are not interested in PS4 Pro, you can try making a PC Gaming Setup for the Cool E-Sport.

Well that's a bit of my personal opinion as a game lover, maybe I can help friends in determining whether the PS4 Pro is worth buying?

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Interested in changing the PS4 into a gaming laptop This is the price of modification

Interested in changing
For those of you who are tired of playing the PS4 console in front of the TV and are interested in playing Sony's best game console in new places, maybe you can try 'PlayBook 4'. However, there is a price to pay for converting your PS4 console into a 'PlayBook 4' laptop.

Price of the latest and most complete Acer laptop, cheap and quality!
7 Prehistoric sea monsters that are far more sinister than white sharks!
Almost all smartphone models have a notch

Previously, Ed Zarick, a game console modification expert, had made a gaming laptop from an Xbox One console. Now Zarick is ready to turn your PS4 into a gaming laptop with a 22-inch screen. To make a PS4 laptop called the PlayBook 4, Zarick uses 3D printing and laser-cutting technology to produce a semi-portable game console with a charming body.

Unfortunately, before you can enjoy the PlayBook 4, you have to prepare around USD 1,100 or IDR 13.5 million as a modification fee. This figure is certainly quite expensive, when compared with PS4 prices which currently only range from Rp. 4-7 million. If you want to order a full PlayBook 4 without exchanging your PS4, the price that must be redeemed is IDR 17 million, Extreme Tech (15/10).

But, Zarick revealed that every order of PlayBook 4 can be made more 'personal'. With a choice of white or black main colors, the buyer can choose specifically the four corners of the PlayBook 4 which is made with 3D-printing techniques.

Although a little heavier than most laptops, with a weight of almost 6 kilograms, the gaming experience using the PlayBook 4 is not inferior to playing PS4 on a 65-inch HDTV though. Playbook 4 made by Zarick uses a 22-inch screen from Vizio which is capable of producing 1080 pixel HD resolution. And with a screen density of up to 100 ppi, surely the sharpness when used to play the best games like 'Destiny' is quite satisfying to the gamer's eyes.

The only drawback of the PlayBook 4 might be the absence of a battery that is a source of energy from the console. The PlayBook 4 can only light up by connecting it to a power source. Even so, the PlayBook 4 remains quite functional when we want to play PS4 in places that were previously unthinkable, such as in restaurants. [bbo]

Influence of Online Games on Children's Emotions

Influence of Online Games on Children's Emotions
Emotion is an overflowing feeling that develops and recedes in a short time; also means psychological and physiological conditions and reactions, such as joy, sadness, renewal, love; subjective courage); angry; religious emotion usually is meant as a mental soul which causes people to be religious.

Emotions, often interpreted as feelings or affections that arise when a person is in an important condition or interaction.

GO, if you understand internet, it is very easy to play, operate, depending on your hand skills, speed of thought, and reaction to the shapes and movements that are on the game screen. GO is also able to be played by all circles, and there is almost no age, educational background, position, and social function.

For children (children), or those who are still classified as children, at the age of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, GO forms and features that are very interesting and have various challenges, can be a tool for testing the thinking, adrenaline and dorogan skills for win or defeat the opponent of the game (around it or across there, somewhere).

Now, concerning the influence of GO on children's emotions, can be seen from / when they are pre-playing, during play, and after playing.

Three simple ways to see GO's emotional influence on children (children), of course not the same for all children; there are those who when or win, are mediocre, even barely react; some are very noisy when they win, but sad - cry if they lose.

Excessive emotional reactions to children (children) due to (losing) winning always have, whether it is clear and visible, or invisible. Therefore, if there is time, parents need to have an OGO with them, while playing (and having to lose), if they always lose to others or other players, this time, they win, win against their father or mother.

Then, what is the reaction of adults, especially parents to the remnants of emotion after the child has gone! especially when they were forced to finish playing because they were forced to learn, eat, take a bath, etc., and were forced and forced to come from their parents, when the game was too exciting to win. At such a cycle, rebuttal, resistance, or yes appears, but does not move from the seat, but does not do.

The remaining emotions or followed (in the child who is forced to stop the OGO), usually affects the actions, behavior, actions, subsequent words. Here, parents, adults, mothers, older siblings, etc., do not need to fight them with anger, but rather calmly. For example, words, it's just a game, just fill in the time, tomorrow we will repeat, and we definitely win, you learn or take a bath or eat, then repeat again, until you win.Of course, you as an opa-oma, father-mother, brother, mas-mba, have their own tips on dealing with them (children) who are emotional and emotional due to being online games.

Bro, we share

LITTLE LITTLE NOTE from observations
[caption id = "attachment_226663" align = "alignright" width = "200" caption = "personal / children go to warnet"] [/ caption] Emotions are overflowing feelings that develop and recede in a short time; also means psychological and physiological conditions and reactions, such as joy, sadness, renewal, love; subjective courage); angry; religious emotion usually is meant as a mental soul which causes people to be religious.
Emotion is an overflowing feeling that develops and recedes in a short time; also means psychological and physiological conditions and reactions, such as joy, sadness, renewal, love; subjective courage); angry; religious emotion usually is meant as a mental soul which causes people to be religious.

Emotions, often interpreted as feelings or affections that arise when a person is in an important condition or interaction.
[id = "attachment_226662" align = "alignright" width = "200" caption = "personal / berGO in warnet"] [/ caption] Game Online, is one feature (!?) and availability on (web-site) The internet, which functions as a toy (to be played) individually (or in groups) or connected or connected with other players (who also do the same thing in various places). GO, as the name implies, can only be played if there is internet access, or special suggestions for this (for example, spaces in Warnet, which provide computers to play games).
GO, if you understand internet, it is very easy to play, operate, depending on your hand skills, speed of thought, and reaction to the shapes and movements that are on the game screen. GO is also able to be played by all circles, and there is almost no age, educational background, position, and social function.

For children (children), or those who are still classified as children, at the age of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, GO forms and features that are very interesting and have various challenges, can be a tool for testing the thinking, adrenaline and dorogan skills for win or defeat the opponent of the game (around it or across there, somewhere).
[caption id = "attachment_226660" align = "alignright" width = "200" caption = "personal / parents access to internet cafe"] [/ caption] [Must (we) admit that the features available on GO, can have a positive or beneficial impact, but also have negative excesses.] Because of these impacts and excesses, of course it can affect the emotions of those who play GO, especially children (children).
Now, concerning the influence of GO on children's emotions, can be seen from / when they are pre-playing, during play, and after playing.

pre-play, their pattern, whether GO as an interlude or is already an adict - maniac - addicted; if it's only a distraction, then he doesn't spend much time going, still likes to learn or do other things including socializing; but if you are addicted, then he will forget many things, just for the sake of GO; and if there is no money for internet cafes, then pocket money, school fees, papa-mama money in the wallet, can be an alternative.
as long as - while playing, pay attention to reactions if they win or lose; if you win, there will be happy cheers, even shouts of hurray and binggo, and so on; but if they lose, then usually, because of the emotions of defeat, often words of swearing, scolding, obscenities, even cursing at the opponent (who is on the other side); during play, it is usually colored with noisy, happy, crowded, and so on; on cyclones like that, for those who have been addicted, which makes forgetting a lot of things, including learning, eating, drinking and so on.
after playing, the impact and excess due to losing or winning during the GO will appear after they finish playing; for those who are addicted to GO, lust will arise - to defeat the opponent and win the game, and it must pay off; if there is no money, then that, then use it in / from alternative sources; for those who are GOIs, it is only a distraction, so it is more calm and mediocre.

Three simple ways to see GO's emotional influence on children (children), of course not the same for all children; there are those who when or win, are mediocre, even barely react; some are very noisy when they win, but sad - cry if they lose.

Excessive emotional reactions to children (children) due to (losing) winning always have, whether it is clear and visible, or invisible. Therefore, if there is time, parents need to go with them once in a while, while playing (and having to lose), ifThe remaining emotions or followed (in the child who is forced to stop the OGO), usually affects the actions, behavior, actions, subsequent words. Here, parents, adults, mothers, older siblings, etc., do not need to fight them with anger, but rather calmly. For example, words, it's just a game, just fill in the time, tomorrow we will repeat, and we definitely win, you learn or take a bath or eat, then repeat again, until you win.

Of course, you as an opa-oma, father-mother, brother, mas-mba, have their own tips on dealing with them (children) who are emotional and emotional due to being online games.

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