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Thursday, November 22, 2018

When You Play Online Games, Without Consciousness 8 This Kindness You Will Get!

When You Play Online Games, Without Consciousness 8 This Kindness You Will Get!
Online-based games are indeed being loved in modern times. In fact, not only children play online games, but even teenagers and adults often play. However, on the other hand, various negative views are often made to gamers. They are considered to be people who fail to live real life, the impact is they run to cyberspace as their new world.

Because of the many negative assumptions, many people who do not know and do not want to know about the other effects of online gaming. Although it can cause addiction, in fact playing online games does not always have negative effects on humans. Online games also have significant benefits for real life. Well, here are 10 benefits of playing online games:

1. Playing online games is the easiest and fastest way to release stress after activities

Have you ever felt stress? For example after a day of work or a day working on college assignments. Well, playing online games can be one of the right means of entertainment when you are in a state of stress. Because basically the function of the game as a medium of entertainment, then, there is no harm in entertaining yourself with an entertaining game. Playing online games can be one way out of the stress that makes you stressful.

2. Who says playing online games makes you individualistic? Instead, playing online games forces you to learn teamwork

Some types of online games such as RTS (Real Time Strategy) and FPS (First Person Shooter) require solid teamwork to win a battle. In the Battle of Hasting game (game of war between Normandy and Saxon in Hasting) for example, where the player acts as a soldier or a general who is demanded to have a strong team work.

In this game players train their skills to negotiate, make decisions, do planning, and think strategically. In the real world, this is more value for gamers. Gamers can apply it to their social lives. For example when they have to work with a team / division, they can work in a team well to achieve a common goal.

3. In playing online games, losing is a normal thing. That's why you get used to being sportive in every game

Games in online games also indirectly have instilled the values ??of sportsmanship within them. They obey the rules of the game that have been applied. In addition, for gamers to lose and win is normal. Unconsciously they are educated so as not to be arrogant when they win and not to give up easily when they experience defeat.These values ??are very important in navigating the sea of ??life in the real world. Values ??that make a person become an individual who is always grateful in all things and never feels slumped when he falls.

4. Online games expose you to many choices, so you will get used to quickly making important decisions in every condition

In a game scenario, a gamer is always presented with various difficult choices that will affect the scenario in the game. Therefore, a gamer is required to analyze and predict the possibilities that occur and the risks faced when choosing an option. This analytical ability is very necessary in real life.

In fact, in this life there are always dilemma choices that we must choose. Like choosing which campus we will choose after graduating from high school, choosing what job suits our abilities, or maybe in choosing a moor. A gamer is like an organized visionary, always thinking far ahead when planning and making a decision.

5. Not only as a means of entertainment, playing online games can also be a good tool to sharpen your brain!

Believe it or not, playing games can improve cognitive abilities, you know! Isabela Granic, professor of Radbound University Nijmegen in the Netherlands, in her research said that playing games can improve the ability to navigate, think, remember, and receive new information.

Even a few years ago, the Daily Mail website revealed that playing Call of Duty will make players think about objects in three-dimensional space and create strategies.

6. If you pursue the hobby of playing online games properly and correctly, you can make it as a field of money

In the international world, some online games have been recognized as a sport called ESports (Electronic Sports). Every year, various countries send their best game athletes to participate in international game competitions. There are even some game developers that hold international competitions every three months, for example Dota2 and League of Legend.No half-hearted, for example in the International Dota2 tournament in 20014, prizes awarded were valued at $ 5 million USD or approximately equivalent to Rp. 60 billion. Very fast number isn't it? This is the reason why games can be a promising source of income. Playing games and making money, who doesn't want to?

7. You also have the opportunity to expand your friendship network through online games. You could even meet a mate here!

When playing online games we inevitably have to interact with other players. We must be willing to socialize to get a suitable partner / team, or just looking for a partner to chat, chat, and joke. Starting from chit-chat like that, you know that you get friends, business partners, even a girlfriend.

A Swedish youth named Felix Kjellberg got a beautiful woman named Marzia Bisognin from Italy. He revealed the beginning of the introduction to the beautiful woman because Marzia was a subscriber of her YouTube account. On youtube, Felix uploaded video recordings when he played games. Happy in the game world, happy too in the real world, beautiful isn't it?

8. Your knowledge becomes wider, because you will meet many people who are different in background, ethnicity, culture, and language

Playing online games means that we meet different types of players, whether different in race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or language. Whether you want it or not, happy or not happy, we must socialize with them.

That way online gaming can also be used as a medium for learning various cultures and even the languages ??used by other players. Even unconsciously we have learned to tolerate and appreciate differences.

Everything is useful if we always think positively, including playing online games. Playing games can make you addicted, but always remember that everything is not good when we do it excessively. So, what do you think? still consider playing online games not useful?

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

VR Applications in Online Games and Spread in Indonesia

VR Applications in Online Games and Spread in Indonesia
The development of an era that was increasingly horrifying directing a life that was originally "katrok" became modern now artificial intelligence has replaced every human work.

This time I will discuss about the virtual reality that is currently being hot which has been applied in the online game section which is spelled out with graphics like entering the world of games before that game only with a grid box graph and can only be played with a few fingers and now it's a player can jump into the game room. Can Virtual Reality battle the line like most games ?? I will start from the history of VR

VR History (virtual reality)
Originally from 1972: General Electric developed the first computer simulator for aviation. Becoming 2018: About 5.2 million dollars will be disbursed in the consumption of virtual reality.

Understanding VR (Virtual Reality)
is a technology that allows users or users to interact with the environment in cyberspace simulated by a computer, so we feel we are in that environment

Can VR (Virtual Reality) be played online?
In this case vR is still developing a problem of how to unite various types of players in the same room and be limited by internet connection according to what is discussed there are multiplayer-based games using VR (Virtual Reality) but still require additional VR hardware HTC to play it

Distribution in Indonesia

There are at least 13 technology companies that develop VR and AR technology in Indonesia. Each with its own uniqueness, offers products for corporations, startups, and e-commerce services.

Besides Shinta VR, companies that develop VR and AR technology in Indonesia are Festivo, DCIMAJI, Magnate, ARnCO, Octagon Studio, Primetech, Avergo, Omni VR, Invoya, INVR, DAV, Varcode. All of these companies are currently members of the Indonesian VR / AR Association (INVRA).

"Together with Bekraf we have a plan to provide education and training to developers to the general public who are interested in VR and AR technology," said Andes.Although it is still dominated by China in terms of product distribution and technological development, Indonesia has great potential to develop VR and AR technology. With increasingly affordable product price choices, the Andes are optimistic that there will be more VR and AR developers in Indonesia.

So in the future VR can be enjoyed online and is still being developed slowly to prepare a game that makes online gamers glance at games that are still considered this expensive game and VR is getting familiar among Indonesian people who are still unfamiliar with artificial intelligence.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sony Introduces PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, The Price

Sony Introduces PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, The Price - This week, almost three years after the first appearance of the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony inaugurated two additional variants of the popular game console,

The first variant is the PlayStation 4 Pro (formerly known as Neo), while the second variant is a thinner version of the original PS4.

As the name implies, PS4 Pro is part of the PS4 game console family. Only, it is capable of delivering 4K and HDR video output because it is equipped with more powerful hardware than the original PS4.

PS4 Pro is not intended to blur the line between generations of consoles. The goal is to elevate the PS4 experience to new levels, said Sony PS4 Chief Architect, Mark Cerny, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Verge, Thursday (8/9/2016).

Inside, the PS4 Pro is equipped with a new GPU with 4.2 teraflop performance, as well as an updated AMD Jaguar CPU to support 4K, HDR and Virtual Reality (VR) functions.

PS4 Pro, which has a standard hard drive capacity of 1 TB, is claimed by Sony to have twice the performance of the original PS4.

PS4 Pro prices are set at around US $ 399 (Rp. 5.2 million). This device will be launched on the market on 10 November.

PlayStation 4 Slim

The second new variant, PS4 Slim, has a slimmer physical form than the original PS4 console. The concept is similar to Xbox One S which is a version of the Xbox One tips.PS4 slim also comes with a new style DualShock 4 controller with a light line that is now visible from the front.

Sony claims that the physical PS4 slim is 30 percent smaller than the original PS4, while its power consumption is 28 percent more efficient.

PS4 Slim eliminates the optical audio jack port on the back. Other cosmetic changes include more space for US connectors on the front side.

In addition to some of the changes above, PS4 slim specifications are the same as the original PS4. This console also provides a choice of 500 GB and 1 TB hard drive capacity.

PS4 Slim will be sold at a price of 299 US dollars or around Rp 3.9 million when it starts sliding on September 15, coming. The plan, PS4 Slim will replace the original PS4 on the market.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Sony Insists Doesn't Open Cross-play Fortnite on PS4

Sony Insists Doesn't Open Cross-play Fortnite on PS4 - Unlike gamers Xbox One and Nintendo Switch that can join together to play popular games Fortnite (cross-play), the owners of PlayStation 4 (PS4) can only bite the fingers because Sony does not allow them to play with other console users .

In fact, gamers also can't use Fortnite accounts from PS4 to continue the game from another console (syncing), but are forced to create a new account. All kinds of achievements, items that have been purchased, etc., are not carried along and must be repeated from the beginning.

Sony is gaining a lot of scathing criticism regarding these restrictions. However, the PlayStation owner apparently remained unmoved.

In fact, in an interview at the IFA 2018 exhibition exhibition in Berlin, Germany, last week, Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida reinforced the impression that PS4 gamers would forever be unable to join Fortnite with other console owners.

Regarding cross platform, our thinking is that PlayStation is always the best place to play. I believe that Fortnite, combined with PlayStation 4, will bring the best experience to users, said Yoshida.

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Interconsol cross-play itself is actually a new thing in the world of game consoles, but later began to bloom with the latest game titles. Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo (Switch) welcome cross-play with open arms, but Sony seems to still insist on playing alone.

Previously, in addition to Fortnite, Sony had also blocked cross-play in other games, such as the Rocket League and Minecraft, although both games could be played together by Xbox and Switch console owners.

Sony itself does not completely block Fortnite's cross-play on PS4. The console owners can still play together with Fortnite gamers on PC and mobile (iOS), but not with other game consoles. Yoshida argued Sony had its own consideration about this.We decide based on the best experience for users. That is our way of thinking to cross-platform, he concluded, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Verge, Thursday (6/9/2018).

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Signs of the PUBG Game will be on the PS4

Signs of the PUBG Game will be on the PS4 - During this time the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) game was limited to the Xbox One console, PC and smartphone. But it seems like soon this popular battleroyale game will soon be visiting the PlayStation 4.

This is evident from the video game content rating page in South Korea. South Korea's Game Rating Administration Committee (GRAC) is known to have rated and determined the player's age limit for the Battleground PlayerUnknown game.

The rating is then affixed right next to the description "PS4 console". This is where the powerful battleroyale genre game is expected to be released soon for the PlayStation 4 console.

Quoted by KompasTekno from Gamespot on Thursday (09/20/2018), of course this will be a major change for PUBG game developers, considering that so far the PUBG games mentioned will continue to be exclusive on the Xbox One console.

Very reasonable indeed if Bluehole Studio as the parent of the PUBG game developer wants this game to be present in every platform considering its heavy rival Fortnite is already present on the PS4 console, Xbox One, Mac, to the Nintendo Switch.

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So far the PUBG game has been played by more than 400 million people. This figure is very fantastic because it can be achieved in a period of about one year.

In July PUBG Corp. announced that it had sold around 50 million copies of PUBG games for the Xbox One and PC consoles. Then more than 350 million players came from mobile devices.

If it is true that PUBG will be released for the PS4 console, it does not rule out the number of players will continue to increase each month. And this of course becomes a huge revenue opportunity for the company.Previously the gesture PUBG will present on the PS4 console has also been seen some time later.

In a 1-minute video released by PUBG Corp, there was a PS4 Pro at one of the developer tables. This also seems to be an important sign of the presence of PUBG on the PS4 console.

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