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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

It's Not Too Late To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

It's Not Too Late To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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After a breakup, its common to feel as though you may never be able to get your ex girlfriend back. But the reality is this: in most situations, you still have a very good chance of getting back together with her.

The first thing you need to understand is that, in almost all cases, your ex girlfriend still has a strong emotional attachment to you. She hasnt forgotten everything she loved about you when you were together, and she wouldnt have begun dating you in the first place unless she was attracted to you.

This attraction that your ex girlfriend feels for you both physical and emotional doesnt simply disappear in the wake of a breakup. In fact, sometimes it can actually grow stronger in the weeks and months after a breakup, especially if you employ the no contact strategy.

If youve ever been the one initiating a breakup and most of us have, at some point, had to do so then you probably remember the first few weeks after breaking up with your ex you felt horrible that you hurt her, and there were many times when you wished you could just make it all go away and get back together with her.

Well, your ex girlfriend is almost certainly feeling those same emotions right now. She misses you, and she longs for the comfort and safety she felt when you were together. Unless shes already found someone else to fill this void in her life and if the two of you were together for a year or longer, thats extremely unlikely then shell be fighting the urge to call you and get back together with you.

Think of it in this way: a person who is addicted to a drug doesnt continue to do drugs because he or she wants to. In fact, most drug addicts would love to be clean and sober but every time they try to quit, they are overcome with the symptoms of withdrawal: fatigue, irritability, nausea, headaches, etc. They may battle these horrible effects of withdrawal for days or even weeks, but all the time theyre well aware that all these problems will magically disappear with a single dose of whatever drug they were addicted to. As a result, most addicts eventually cave in to this desire, and fail to stay clean for long.

Now, youre not a drug and your ex girlfriend isnt trying to sober up. but the situation is definitely similar. Your ex is missing you, feeling lonely and heartbroken. and she probably knows that picking up the phone and telling you she still loves you is probably all it will take for the two of you to get back together.

Most likely, your ex girlfriend is going to contact you in the week and months following your breakup. This doesnt always happen, but most people (were only human, after all!) cave in to their weaknesses and contact their ex.

When your ex girlfriend contacts you, you have two options:

1.) You can tell her how much you miss her, tell her youre sorry, ask for her forgiveness, and generally do all the things that desperate men do when they want to win back their ex girlfriends.

2.) You can use this initial contact as a springboard to a new and stronger relationship together. After all, you know she still loves you and is fighting the urge to get back together with you. If you say the right things at the right times, knowing that shes feeling lonely and still craving your touch, you can slowly win back her heart and build a stronger, healthier, and more loving relationship.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Is It Possible To Watch 3d Movies Online

Is It Possible To Watch 3d Movies Online

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With so many 3d movies out in the theaters in the last few years, I asked myself the question if it is possible to watch 3d movies online. Did you know that you can actually use a computer from your home to see images in 3d? Let me tell you some of the options I have discovered.

You Tube. If you go to You Tube and type in "3D" in the search box you will notice that you will have several videos that are ready to be watched in 3D. You even have a pop up menu to choose how specifically you would like to watch it. In this article Id like to mention three ways (there are more) to watch 3d movies online with You Tube.

Anaglyphic. This is where you use red/blue glasses that you can either purchase or make them at home to be able to appreciate the 3d images. This is probably the best option if you already have the glasses or if you dont mind making them. If you go to ehow and type in "how to make 3D glasses at home" you should be able to find a good article on this. Its the easiest one to do once you have the equipment. The main drawback is that you cant do this option if you dont have the glasses.

Parallel 3D Viewing. Once again, you choose these options from the pop-down menu in You Tube. You will find it below and it will say "3D" Many of you have probably used this method with books or an image on the wall that have the effect by relaxing the gaze, sort of a blank stare and then suddenly the 3D images pop up. Years ago when this first came out, it took me a while to finally be able to do this. When I did, it was pretty fun. The advantage of this option is that you dont need any equipment. The disadvantage however, is that not everyone is able to do this or it may take them a while before they can figure it out. Try staring at the middle and slowly moving backwards trying not to fix your eyes on anything. See if this works for you.

Cross-Eyed 3D Viewing. I quit trying this method because it was making my eyes hurt. I dont like crossing my eyes that much. I am glad that this is not the only method to watch 3d movies online. But if it works for you (as it has for many - apparently from the comments) then this is also a good method if you dont have the glasses.

My vote is that once you have the glasses (whether you made them - which is kind of a fun project - or you bought some) go with the Anaglyphic method (the first one I mentioned). It is probably the best way to watch 3d movies online with You Tube.

By the way, aside from You Tube there is also at least one new computer out that is especially good to watch 3d movies online. It is the Lenovo Y560D laptop. It is the companys first 3D notebook. It allows you to play the latest games, watch movies, and enjoy photos in 3D.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I Want To Break Up He Doesnt

I Want To Break Up  He Doesnt

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You want to break up with your boyfriend. Unfortunately, he doesn't want to let things go. You don't want to hurt him. You still care for him. You just don't want to date him anymore. How do you make him understand without causing him anymore pain than you've already caused?

You've gone through the gut-wrenching, heart-breaking process of breaking the heart of someone you once loved. It was tough making the decision to put your relationship to an end but you know, deep down inside, that it's the right thing to do and that now is the right time to do it. It's good that you are able to make these decisions and have even tried to fill him in on the details. It's much better to do it sooner rather than later. Putting it off will only make things so much worse in the end.

The good news, if there is any such thing in a situation like this, is that your boyfriend probably isn't going to turn into some stalker over this even if he is reluctant to take "no" for an answer in the beginning. Chances are that he's already starting the process of grieving, in his own way, for the loss of your relationship. One of the steps in the grieving process is denial. It may take him a few days to realize that you've called the relationship off but most men in this situation do come around to it.

That doesn't mean he's going to give up without a fight. Even if you feel as though you've fallen out of love with him, that doesn't mean that he's stopped loving you. He can't just turn it off like you do a lamp. It's going to take a little time for him to slow his feelings and he may entertain thoughts that he can save your relationship and make things work out between you.

It's really important if you are serious about calling it quits that you don't waver or falter in your stance on the issues. If you're ending the relationship don't let him believe you're thinking about staying together. It will confuse him and give him hope when there isn't any. It's a lose-lose situation for everyone involved and it doesn't make you look like the good guy, or girl in this case, at all. If you are willing to take your ex back and give it another shot then now is a great time to let him know and work together to avoid the disaster you were heading towards.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

How You Can Fix Your Own Ps3 With A Ps3 Repair Guide

How You Can Fix Your Own Ps3 With A Ps3 Repair Guide

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When Sony released the Ps3, there was no doubt that it was an upgrade in gaming consoles. The Sony Ps3 allows you to play Blu-ray games, Blu-rays, dvd's, cds, and other optional media. It also comes with wireless internet connection, external usb ports, bluetooth just to name a few. It truly is the greatest entertainment console. But when new consoles like this are released to the market, there are also problems that follow it. The most common problems that have plagued Ps3 users are solid - flashing red light, yellow light of death, error codes, red screens, black screens, freezing, and hardware failures.These Ps3 problems are frustrating for most gamers and Ps3 owners as it leaves them with only a few options depending on your warranty status.

The Ps3 comes with a one year warranty and Sony is usually good about honoring the repair. If you encounter any Ps3 problems within your warranty period it is recommended to contact Sony. Usually this involves having to package up the console for shipping and sending it back to Sony for repair. This is no problem for owners under warranty, but what can be done if your Ps3 console is out of the warranty period? Customers in this place have two options. Send there Ps3 back to sony for repair or try to repair there Ps3 themselves.

Sending your Ps3 to Sony for repair is your first option when dealing with out of warranty problems. This might sound like the logical thing but consider what is required before doing so. Sony will have you package your Ps3 and send it to them for troubleshooting and repair. This process usually takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Then there is the cost of the repair. Sony will usually charge around $150 + to troubleshoot and repair your Ps3. So 4-6 week wait and around $150 later you would have your Ps3 back and in your hands. This is one option for repair, but not the last.

Repairing your Ps3 yourself is the second option. Although it may sound like a daunting task, it is easier than you think.The best way to go about this way is to purchase the best Ps3 repair guide on the market on how to fix ps3. The Ps3 repair guide will walk you Ps3 troubleshooting and repair step by step and you should have your Ps3 repaired in about an hour or less, not to mention saving your self a ton of money and down time in the process. Also with having a Ps3 guide you will always be able to repair your Ps3 on your own. I don't suggest using YouTube videos and other free techniques because i have realized that those methods seem to fail because of the lacking of instruction and detail.

So If you encounter Ps3 problems and you are out of warranty don't panic and send it to Sony. Save your money and time because you can fix it with the proper Ps3 repair guide. These guides are very detailed and will help you troubleshoot and repair any Ps3 problem you come across fast and Easily. remember to stay away from free sources of repair tips because they usually lack the proper instruction and detail to correct the problems a Ps3 repair guide can fix. Hopefully this helps in fixing your Ps3 issues.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How Video Games Improve Kids Cognitive Abilities

How Video Games Improve Kids Cognitive Abilities

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Video games are fun, they can keep you entertained for a while, and some video games are quite addictive too. Recent studies have also shown that video games can improve cognitive abilities in children. It can be compared to an individual working out in the gym who eventually develops bigger muscles. The brain becomes stimulated while playing video games and its performance is improved. The following cognitive advantages have been identified as the benefits of playing video games:

Improved motor functions

The motor skills in children and adults can be improved by consistently playing video games. It requires a lot of brain functions that help the children eventually become better at using their audio, visual and physical motions to accomplish the video game missions.

Kids become better at solving problems

Video games are interesting; they involve different game levels which have varying difficulties and obstacles that the player needs to solve or overcome. Playing video games helps the children develop a resilient mindset that helps them solve problems better.

Improved concentration and focus

There are certain categories of video games that require the player to have a strong focus if they need to get ahead in the game. Players with high concentration eventually progress through the levels, and children who play these games often develop this mindset in their lives.

Video games are educative

There are nice video games that are also very educative. These games may involve puzzles which need to be solved, and the outcome features some useful information that can educate the player. Children can learn new information by playing these games and in the process become more creative.

Improved brain functions

While we rely on our brains to make the best decisions during gameplay, we are stimulating our brain to perform better. Playing games involves a lot of brain work due to the numerous decisions that must be made during the gameplay which helps the children to understand and process data quicker.

It improves multi-tasking capacities

Games like helix jump game require a lot of focus because the player has to make decisions among the various features on the screen while coordinating the gameplay with the joystick or the buttons. It is very calculative; the player has to ensure that they never run out of ammunition while maintaining a high energy level all through the game. During such games, successful players learn to manage different tasks and functions more effectively to progress through the game levels.

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